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Sep 3, 2015 9:12 AM ET

Archived: Aporkalypse – An Entertaining End of the World Anthology: A 125+ page collection of short stories about the last strip mall after the apocalypse and the dysfunctional shopkeepers left behind

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 3, 2015

A 125+ page collection of short stories about the last strip mall after the apocalypse and the dysfunctional shopkeepers left behind.

About this project

Aporkalypse is the comedic tale of a down-on-its-luck Strip Mall that has a fortunate turn when it manages to dodge the apocalyptic destruction of the end of the world.

Now the shop owners must learn to tolerate each other or run the risk of facing the end of days alone under the shadow of The World’s Largest Pig statue.

Their humorous adventures are cooked up by over 35 indie comic creators from all over the globe. Each creative team adds their own flavor and spice to the story.

The 125 page collection will be printed in a square-shaped format. It is available as a standard trade paperback or as a Kickstarter exclusive hardcover.

Standard Paperback Edition ($25 pledge tier)
Standard Paperback Edition ($25 pledge tier)
Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover Edition ($40 pledge tier)
Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover Edition ($40 pledge tier)

It will feature a scrumptious spread of short stories, comic strips and plenty of bonus content not seen before online or anywhere!

The cover (below) is illustrated by french artist, Vincent Dubourg, who also provided two featured stories.

Standard edition paperback cover, drawn by Vincent Dubourg
Standard edition paperback cover, drawn by Vincent Dubourg

Each character began with a basic personality (hippie, geek, traveler, etc.) and a design model for clothing, body type, appearance, etc. The creative teams then fleshed out the world and characters with personality, backstory, and unique art styles.

Here is a basic rundown of the Pig Plaza shopkeepers:

(From Left to Right: Randy, The Chip, Kobuta, Harold, Mrs. Johnson, Fern, Pickles, Bryan)
(From Left to Right: Randy, The Chip, Kobuta, Harold, Mrs. Johnson, Fern, Pickles, Bryan)

Kalua (Randy)  The Loveable Samoan BBQ Aficionado

His Hawaiian birth certificate says Kalua, but everyone began calling him Randy after he bought Randy’s Riblet Ranch. The big Samoan is the emotional anchor to the strip-mall. If you got issues, he’s got a listening ear and a riblets because, in his opinion, there’s nothing that tasty BBQ can’t help.

The Chip The Tech-Obsessed Village Idiot

He goes by the name of “the Chip” and works at Everything$ Expen$ive, the one stop shop for all the latest, greatest, and, (after the apocalypse) pretty useless electronics. The Chip is a tech-obsessed jerk that suddenly finds himself thrust into the real world after the demise of the Internet. The Chip had thousands of “friends” on the Internet, in the real world he has zero. #‎awkward

Kobuta The Semi-Professional Cosplay Geek 

Kobuta-Chan works at The Pig Bang, the strip’s comic and game shop. She’s the only one among the survivors that has changes of clothes, even if they’re all costumes. She’s a smart, self-proclaimed geek that is obsessed with Japanese culture. The youngest of the survivors, Kobuta brings a quirky energy, even if they don’t always understand her.

Harold The Grumpy Old Lawn Lover.

Harold a tough old codger that bought the pawn shop, Piggy Bank, to go into the pawn business to add to his junk collection. In a destroyed world where even an old 8-track tape player is valuable, The Piggy Bank is a gold mine.

Mrs. Johnson The (Probably) Chinese wife. 

Harold may own The Piggy Bank pawn shop but his foreign wife, Mrs. Johnson, runs the place and her husband. Mrs. Johnson is shrewd and continually annoys Harold by selling her husband’s accumulated treasures behind his back. Mrs. Johnson doesn’t speak a lick of English.

Fern The Vegan Flower Child.

Fern has two loves: organic gardening, and her pet pig, Pickles. Strictly vegan, Fern opened her earth friendly shop, Hogs and Kisses, to promote green living and meat-free eating. When she’s not trying to bring the decimated landscape around the Plaza to life, Fern can be found protesting the Riblet Ranch.

Professor Pickles The Pig. 

Fern’s lovable pet. Pickles is a pig. A cute, cuddly pig.

Bryan The Unfortunate British Vagabond. 

Last customer on earth. Bryan is backpacker from England. He set out to see and experience the best the world has to offer. His first (and last) stop is the “World’s Largest Pig”, a kitschy American landmark. The young traveler is in the wrong place at the right time when the apocalypse hits and only the Pig Plaza remains. The backpacked wanted to see the world, but now is stranded in the least exciting place in it.

The book will collect the 50+ comic strips that were originally featured in a weekly St. Louis area newspaper. The book will also contain exclusive never before seen short stories, created by independent comic book creators from all over the globe JUST for this book!

Here are a few previews of the strips and shorts served up by Aporkalypse.

By Stache Publishing and Vincent Dubourg
By Stache Publishing and Vincent Dubourg
By Jimmy Grist
By Jimmy Grist
By Ryan Burst, Binyamin Berman, and Johannes Hansen
By Ryan Burst, Binyamin Berman, and Johannes Hansen
By Anthony Mathenia and Jose Velasquez
By Anthony Mathenia and Jose Velasquez
By Kevin Soriano, Mon Capili, Josh Jensen, and Brandon Bullock
By Kevin Soriano, Mon Capili, Josh Jensen, and Brandon Bullock
By Jordan Williams and Aaron Viel
By Jordan Williams and Aaron Viel
By Rick Bloemer, Daniel Franco, and Taylor Esposito
By Rick Bloemer, Daniel Franco, and Taylor Esposito
By Ashley Walker
By Ashley Walker
By Anthony Mathenia and Amanda Mathenia
By Anthony Mathenia and Amanda Mathenia
  • Your Name in the Book – Let your name shine in the pages of a printed comic book. For just giving us $1 or more, we will print your name on the thank you page in the Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover of the Aporkalypse anthology. Not as good of a deal as that busker down the street that can sing your name into ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ for $1, but we can’t play guitars.
  • Postcard – This is a postcard sent straight from Pig Plaza to your mailbox via good-old-fashioned snail mail. It’ll come signed and personalized by the editing team responsible for putting the book together.
  • Digital Edition – A $10 digital version of the comic for your Chip approved electronic device. It’s cheaper, and weighs considerably less for when your vagabond nature kicks in and you want to pack up and move.
  • Standard Paperback Edition – This is the book. You read about it above. It’s an actual printed book. It looks, feels, smells, sounds and tastes like an actual comic book. It’s sort of like Black Friday, except it isn’t.
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover Edition – This hardcover variant is ONLY available through Kickstarter. It will also come with a hand numbered book plate; hopefully you’ll get your lucky number from your high school basketball days.
  • Kobuta’s Special – Cosplay geeky Kobuta with a cute, knitted piggie hat and the Kickstarter exclusive hardcover.
  • Survival Stache Stash – This reward tier will get you the Kickstarter Exclusive hardcover of the book as well as a number of other Stache graphic novels and comics: Hunter’s Lore (fantasy), Out of the Blue (strange anthology), Gunpowder Witch #1 and 2 (alt-history action), Butterfly (grindhouse), and Ginormous #1 (superhero). You also get a Pickles puppet, as seen in the Kickstarter video. Don’t let Fern find out that you bought Pickles though!
  • $2,750 – Activity Pages  – Activity pages will be added to the book! This will make the book larger, more fun, but the same price for you! After you read the book, test your knowledge with a crossword puzzle, try your eyes with a word search, entertain your kids/siblings/strange children with connect-the-dots and a maze, and more!
  • $3,000 – Surprise Cover Artist! – The Kickstarter Exclusive hardcover edition’s cover artwork will be different than the standard paperback cover and will done by a surprise artist. We will make an announcement when this goal is reached.
  • $3,250 – Stickers – They stick everywhere! (Notice: don’t try to stick them everywhere.)
  • $3,500 – Pins – Because you’re as cute as a button.
  • $3.750 – Temporary Tattoos – Look cool with a tattoo of a pig. And when you don’t want to look cool anymore, wash it off.
  • $4,000 – Cosplay Paper Doll Set – Dress Kobuta from her costume collection in order to face whatever the end of the world hurls her way.
  • $4,250 – Pickles Mask – Hide your identity with a Pickles the pig mask.
(Notice: Stretch goals apply to the $15 Pledge Tier and Up)
Unlock Pins, Temporary Tattoos, and Stickers!
Unlock Pins, Temporary Tattoos, and Stickers!

Stache Publishing is an indie comic collective based in the Metro-East St. Louis area. Stache is committed to supporting the art form of comics, indie creators, and the creative community. We believe that the independent comic community is overflowing with talent. By working together, we can achieve our highest goals.

We’ve had some very generous help with backers on Kickstarter to help our ideas become realities. We cannot express the depth of our appreciation to all of you for your help. We hope that this campaign will reach people who may not have heard of this project any other way. We want ALL off these creators’ work seen by as many folks as possible.

Thank you backing and sharing this Kickstarter campaign.

Please like/follow Stache Publishing on these social media sites:

Jordan Williams has his bachelor degree in art from SIUE and is an artist, writer, illustrator, and Pokémon master. Williams is the creator, writer, and artist for the Gunpowder Witch and is a co-founder of the independent comic book group, Stache. His art has been featured in fine art exhibitions and gallery shows. He has also won a number of awards for his fine art. Williams is the one writing this bio in third person, and feels awkward about it.

Stache’s Promise

Stache has produced a number of successful campaigns in the past and is passionate about its products and reader satisfaction. The team is 100% committed to our supporters.

Risks and challenges

The editors have been responsible for other successful Kickstarter campaigns (Gunpowder Witch & Tabula Rasa/Butterfly.) The artwork and stories are all completed and ready for production. We are aiming to have this book ready by St. Louis Project Comic Con in mid-October and sent to backers. No issues are anticipated, but as they arise we will do what we can to fix them.

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