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Sep 2, 2015 3:27 PM ET

My Mini Factory – The Youtube of 3D Printing: social media platform for 3D Printable objects – independent and curated

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 2, 2015

My Mini Factory – The Youtube of 3D Printing



MyMiniFactory is an independent curated social media platform for 3D printable objects. The platform connects users, 3D designers, advertisers, brands and makers of 3D printed objects.

The platform was launched in June 2013. Its user base now exceeds 80,000 registered users. MyMiniFactory is the world’s most popular independent, curated platform for 3D printable objects.

MyMiniFactory is a curated, user generated content platform: each published 3D model has undergone a rigorous review process, including a test print. This curation is core to MyMiniFactory’s business model, where quality matters more than quantity.

Analogous to how music, videos or photo sharing platforms are connecting artists with their followers and subscribers, MyMiniFactory facilitates the interaction between the users and the 3D designers. It makes innovative tools available to its community, such as MMF Tipping, MMF TV, MMF Connect, and the MMF Store.



The quality of the content available on MyMiniFactory is central to the 3D printing revolution.



MyMiniFactory offers the easiest and cheapest way to get ready-to-print quality files, with its free-to-download service – similar to the way music and videos are available from platforms such as Spotify and Vimeo.

To be ‘print ready’, 3D printable files require optimisation. Poor quality 3D files will not print correctly, will waste time and materials and can potentially damage the 3D printer.
Therefore the curated content available on MyMiniFactory solves a critical issue for the users of 3D printers.


Comparable to how musicians, artists and performers use Vimeo and similar platforms to engage with their audience, 3D designers also desire to get in direct contact with their end users.

MyMiniFactory offers them tools (likes, followers, comments, MMF Tipping, MMF TV, MMF Connect, MMF Store) to engage with their community, raise their profile and make money.


For the owners of 3D printers who are looking to make money by printing for others, MMF Connect offers wide scale exposure to a crowd of people in need of 3D printing services.


MyMiniFactory offers brands a unique opportunity to engage with its robust and rapidly growing creative community through innovative services: MMF Contests, product endorsements, and white label libraries.

Current and future clients of these services include:
• 3D printer and 3D scanner manufacturers,
• Filament and material providers,
• CAD and other software editors
• New tech
• Fashion brands.



In just 2 years MyMiniFactory has reached these key milestones:

– assembled a strong team of 3D designers, senior developers and efficient marketers led by focused, hardworking, skilful and passionate visionary executives (CEO and Executive Chairman);
– defined a clear and successful vision with a quality-over-quantity strategy;
– attracted over 80,000 registered users, with minimal marketing expenditure;
– reached an Alexa ranking of under 2,500 in the UK;
– built a platform with innovative social media features (MMF Tipping, MMF TV, MMF Ideas, MMF Connect, MMF Store);
– partnered with the BBC and their micro:bit initiative to offer 3D printed designs to 1 million school children in the UK;


– partnered with Cel-Robox in January 2015, a leading UK 3D printer manufacturer, to embed our platform into their software, followed by a similar integration with CreateItReal in July 2015 and with HyVision in August 2015.

MyMiniFactory is well positioned to capture the high growth in demand expected for quality 3D Printable files.




The Company aims to raise 500,000 GBP through this crowdfunding campaign.

The reason for the fundraising is to grow MyMiniFactory further by executing the business plan:

– hire new talents;
– offer more 3D printable content;
– develop new online tools and services;
– leverageour innovative marketing strategies.


Contact Information:

Sylvain Preumont
Romain Kidd
Rees Calder
Sohrab Kahn

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