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Sep 2, 2015 6:44 AM ET

Archived: Berras.se Carama Invest AB: Swedens most well known fishing store

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 2, 2015

Berras.se Carama Invest AB

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Our Business

We sell sports fishing gear online and through two brick and mortar stores – one in Stockholm and one in Ludvika. Berras Sportfiske is extremely well known dating back 17 years.

Working hard to be the first choice among anglers in Sweden, we have a reputation for big selection and competitive pricing. 1000s of customers look to us for gear and we help them to realize their dreams of catching the big one. As we deal with people’s happiness, it is important to sell good gear and be able to tell a great story.

For about a year we’ve been hard at work to really optimize our e-commerce to both gain market share and also increse the effectiveness with which we utilize our working capital.

Success is the word – with a great growth (over 100% more this year) in e-commerce impact we are now ready to take the next step. We aim to make sure we become the first choice for marine electronics as well as serving the market with a deep and wide selection of fishing gear.

The Problem We Are Solving

In our bid to become the most competitvtive player, we have developed our own IT-system to monitor and actively fill our customer orders as efficiently as possible. Our own system optimizes our inventory with regards to the customer demands ensuring both order filling and capital optimization. The key is control of stock, availability of in-demand products, attractive presentation, competitve pricing and fast delivery services.

Capping overhead expenses at minimum levels and focusing on increasing inventory turnover.

With our new solution we are both cutting processing time and keeping pur customers informed every step of the way. We are now developing this solution into the 2nd generation to be able to cope with our next step – marine electronics.

To increase this offering to include marine electronics gear, which is highly priced, we need to allocate capital for this end. It is our experience that customers are willing to pay a fair price when they are sure they get a high quality procuct and a hassle free service.

Our store in Stockholm is well known to fishermen
Our store in Stockholm is well known to fishermen

Our Solution

We strive to optimize our delivery process continously. Our online solution immediately compares our inventory with the last order, any need is forwarded to purchasing.

Offering a large selection of proven high quality items at a competitve price ensures a low return ratio and high order completion ratio.

For marketing purposes we have our own App for both Android and iPhone – see Berras Sportfiske on your phone. The digital marketing solution aims to grow the business organically. We steer away from unprofitable bought purchases through adwords and look to keep customers happy for higher retention rates. Utilization of social media plattforms as well as organic digital marketing, which is the backbone of customer communication. We strive to avoid Sales, except for marketing purposes, as it kills margins.

The next step we are working on currently is to ensure that our web is really adapted to mobile devices, as now around 50 % of the traffice come from mobiles devices. The orders are, however, still concentrated to PC’s – people look up items with their phones and place orders through their laptops.

This is changing – mobile devices are taking over.

This is a move we are adapting to.

Our Market

Sports fishing is the most popular hobby for leisure activities among swedes. Over 900.000 people indicate this as their primary hobby. The market is affected by seasonal changes very similar to the temperature curve. A very strong thing about this market is that the fashion related risk is very low and that the core group of customers, about 150.000 people, spend most of their disposable income on new gear. According to a survey carried out by SCB (Swedens statistical agency) every four years, fishing ranks only second to expenditure to golf. It is a big sport. A very big sport.

Just add water.

Peter Wållgren with a pike pillow - sweet dreams!
Peter Wållgren with a pike pillow – sweet dreams!

Our Business Model

Our model is to provide a wide selection of the most popular sports fishing articles. Our aim is to be extremely fast to deliver to meet our customers needs. Buildling upon many years of well earned reputation of being competitive and having the widest selection. The BERRAS brand has been around for more than 17 years and the company managing this brand today, Carama Invest AB, is stable and ownership has been in the same family since 1973.

What We Will Use Money For

We will not add to our cost overhead. All of the money will be used to ensure fast deliveries And now we will service a new segment.

We are now making our claim on the share of the market that have higher big retail tickets.

The money will solely be used to stock up on the most popular marine electronics and big ticket items – like sonars, plotters, fishfinders, high end reels, rods and such items – more select big ticket items bring in more revenue.

Currently, our competitors only offer limited selections of marine electronics and high-end items. With this campaign we would be able to be the absolute best in Scandinavia on marine electronics and high end items. This would make sure we can deliver promptly to our customers as soon as possible.

By mathematical calculation of most popular requirements we update our stock continously for seasonal changes.

Our web is top of the line


Contact Information:

Daniel Moström
Peter Wållgren

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