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Sep 2, 2015 12:30 PM ET

Apical IQ LLC The Next Generation of Cyber Security

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 2, 2015

Our Next Generation cyber security platform is embedded inside the entire enterprise, unlike traditional cyber security technologies that reside outside the enterprise and are not as effective in protecting against cyber terrorism.

Apical IQ’s innovative technology has several distinctive and unique capabilities including:

Prevent the theft of sensitive data stored by government and business enterprises;

Prevent cyber terrorist access to real time Data in Motion as it moves throughout the enterprise;

Prevent cyber terrorists from taking command and control of the national infrastructure and enterprise production systems.

Uninterrupted business operations, even during a brute force cyber attack.

Everything is now at risk of attack by cyber terrorists — our infrastructure, power grids, dams, communications, aircraft, transportation, and food production.

Moreover, we are rapidly approaching a cyber security crisis as everything around us is being connected and unified. This is generally known as the “Internet of Things” (IoT): a new technology where all businesses, governments and “Smart Cities” want to connect everything in their business in order to make it run more efficiently and create new opportunities. While this leads to an increase in efficiency, the unification of everything provides a favorable environment for cyber terrorists, with one central point of attack to unlock and control everything.

The worst is yet to come. Even more terrifying than the repercussion of the Internet of Things are the supercomputers and quantum computers now used by cyber terrorists to break the most utilized security encryption algorithms that currently protect the secrets and commerce of most businesses and governments.

Our technology is completely different than any other companywe protect government and business enterprises from inside of the enterprise from outside brute force cyber attacks. By having no central point of attack and not relying on traditional mathematical security encryption algorithms, we are totally securing the business from within. Our users will have uninterrupted continuity of enterprise and operations.

Next Generation Cyber Security

Cyber terrorists are here, real, and only increasing in numbers and skill every day; they are more dangerous than any physical attack of war.

And with the catastrophic possibilities of supercomputers and quantum computing, the worse is yet to come. Nothing mathematical will survive a quantum computing attack. This is why the Apical IQ platform enables no centralized point of attack, and is not dependent upon mathematical security encryption algorithms.

Data at Rest is all of a company or governments’ important information that they keep either in a database at their company or at an outside data storage facility, such as Amazon’s Cloud data storage services.

Consider the recent cyber attack of the U.S. Government Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the premiere agency responsible for security clearances across the government and manager of the U.S. Government pension benefits for retired federal employees. This Nation State cyber attack captured more than 21 million pieces of the government’s employees personal data, an act that would have never happened had the data been protected by no central point of attack.

Data in Motion is all of the real time communications within a company’s operations including the Cloud and all of the controls that commands their production operations. For example, any communication that runs through the company regarding security, sales, marketing, finance, engineering, human resources, and communications with their customers and suppliers, etc, is considered data in motion.

As data runs through a company in real time, we prevent cyber attack access to this transient information. For example, large movement of data by any large company or government with worldwide locations, manufacturing, sales channels, employees, customers and social media interacting throughout the world is vulnerable to being intercepted and manipulated.

Mass scalability is when a very large company or government agency has large amounts of information they want to move all at the same time — this is secured and protected with our technology as well anywhere it may reside or be accessed, including the cloud.

Apical IQ delivers the Next Generation protection against cyber terrorists taking control of our national infrastructure and/or business production systems; to bring harm to our great Nation.

Our technology is fully built and platform testing is complete. We are ready to hit the ground running and start selling our unique cyber security platform.

We are ready to productize our cyber security technology for enterprise level companies such as major domestic airlines, banking institutions, and healthcare billing company.

We also have several large cyber industry and Internet of Things partnerships locked down. Our Internet of Things partner is a large company who will bring our technology to the global marketplace. Another cyber security reseller partner exclusively serves US Government agencies.

Our current focus is on the diligent process of securing multiple longterm contracts.

Up next: getting out technology into each of the following industries:

We already have interest from companies in each of these sectors.

Andrew Gordon, Founder and CEO
Andrew has founded three prior successful entrepreneurial enterprises and has proven comprehensive management experience, gained through creating the technologies, overseeing the technical and sales teams and diligent Financial expertise; all of his prior businesses are still operating profitably. Andrew has experience driving highly technical product concepts in multi-million dollar start-ups from nascent development to full commercial viability and market-leading positions.

One of his most significant entrepreneurial successes was with Auspice Corporation a company he founded.   After obtaining the exclusive license for the operating system for the International Space Station, Andrew and his team at Auspice Corporation built a next generation commercial version called TLX used for VOIP & broadband cable delivery for leading companies such as AT&T, Comcast & Cox Communications.  Auspice Corporation’s success led to it being acquired by Arris Corporation. https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewlinkedin

Freddy Blanco, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President
Freddy has significant leadership experience gained through over 20 years with the United States Marine Corps and the U.S. Department of Defense supporting intelligence and cybersecurity infrastructure platforms. While participating in Operation Enduring Freedom, Freddy facilitated cross-domain reporting, data aggregation, and information sharing across the intelligence community. His efforts ensured senior leaders had access to comprehensive reporting, which allowed them to make effective and efficient decisions. Additionally, Freddy was an integral part of a team  supporting contingency operations and taskings in support of different Cyber Threats Missions sets for U.S. Cyber Command.


We have a complete Technical & Sales Team lined up ready to deploy.

Contact Information:

Andrew Gordon
Freddy Blanco

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