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Sep 1, 2015 12:52 PM ET

Archived: Visual Gas Imaging, LLC (VGI): a methane gas leak detection company that will service the upstream oil & gas gathering industry

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 1, 2015

Visual Gas Imaging, LLC (VGI)

Visual Gas Imaging, LLC  (VGI) Logo


Visual Gas Imaging , LLC (VGI) is a methane gas leak detection company that will service the upstream oil & gas gathering industry. Given that Methane Gas is the primary component of natural gas and is a potent greenhouse gas, reducing methane emissions can result in environmental, economic and operational benefits. Four continuously evolving factors are driving the necessity for leak detection services to the Oil & Gas Industry, and in turn will ultimately drive the success of VGI.
1. Emerging Infrared Technology- Allows previously invisible and undetected gases to be “seen” and recorded escaping from components at the wellhead and throughout processing.
2. Safety- The leaking gas is highly combustible posing considerable risk to personnel.
3. Economics- Due to the corrosive nature of minerals coming straight from the earth, it is not a matter of “if” a leak develops, but “when”! The escaping gas can be quantified and a dollar amount applied that offsets the costs of VGI’s services.
4. Recent studies, rulings and regulatory guidelines are ongoingly being implemented to measure and regulate the amount of greenhouse gases being released by Oil and Gas Operators. Secondly, they give the EPA the ability to use the same Infrared Technology to detect leaks resulting in citations and monetary fines.

Creating a business model around these factors will result in a company that provides a necessary repetitive service that benefits the environment and protects the companies and thier personnel within the industry.


Products / Services

Methane Gas Leak Detection

1. Wellhead to Pipeline- Inspections done by handheld camera with “boots on the ground” inspection.
2. Pipeline Service- employs the use of a ground vehicle mounted camera and possibly a drone mounted camera, technology permitting.
3. Frack Monitoring- A stationary tripod mounted camera to capture leakage during the process.


Contact Information:

Sam Farrington

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