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Sep 1, 2015 7:50 EST

ViberTEX, Inc.: Take Control with AutoSMARTz & FloralBID The First Mobile “Customer Centric” Bidding “Just In Time Service” (JITS) Platform

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 1, 2015

ViberTEX, Inc.

ViberTEX, Inc.




AutoSMARTz & FloralBID Platforms powered by ViberTEX Inc, (ViberTEX.com) a forward thinking software company incorporated in Nevada.

The Company’s Product Lines “on steroids” work as a combination of Angie’s List, Yelp, Groupon and Priceline at the point of need. A third product will evolve within the automotive dashboard for the consumers and OEM’s. These products will work seamlessly to help preserve business rules for Automotive (END TO END) and for the Floral (END TO END) Industry to traceability, security, timeliness and efficiency to create a Just In Time Service (JITS) for the customer and service provider.

As an aggressive technology company, we have other products in the pipeline as well that include and WeddingLocker™, Steal.BID™, Babies.BID™, PetsRUs.BID™, with prototypes available & currently in development and FloralBID ™ completed ready for onboarding Service Providers!

We are a Disruptive Technology Platform! It allows for World Wide Lead Generation communication workflows for day to day revenue transactions in the Automotive Industry & the Floral Industry (END TO END) dealing with digital advertising, events, deals and coupon management. The platform allows for customers to take control with the geo fencing and customer centric bidding out to Service Providers to in real time to help address the Customer’s Just In Time Service (JITS) Needs. Not only does the platform allow for simplified customer voice, but also allows for service provides the ability to to generate reports, integrate flows as well as integrate with QuickBooks for tracking revenue and spend.

OUR 1st Platform: AutoSMARTz

Three products – on the web, mobile app, in the car dashboard

BUSINESS SUMMARY: With two complementary product offerings within the Automotive Industry called: AutoSMARTz Aggregator ™ and AutoSMARTz BID™, ViberTEX Inc. and ViberTEX Corporation (“The Company”) revolutionizes and completes the concept of Data Aggregation and Deal Transactions by providing potential customers with a one-stop-shop for all their Vehicle needs. It also provides the Service Providers and Vendors in the Vehicle Space a proprietary software that offers a just-in-time concept of customer needs at “Point of Demand” for optimal business functionality, results and impact.

OPPORTUNITY FOR THE MARKET: The Automotive Digital Advertising Industry is approximately over $7 Billion Dollars. The Automotive Repair, Roadside Assistance & Service combined is approximately over $166.5 Billion Dollars. With a fraction of the market share on hand, ViberTEX’s expectation is to capture a large niche within these market sectors for it’s integrated, seamless and complimentary products called AutoSMARTz Aggregator ™ + AutoSMARTz BID ™. These products fit timely into the automotive geo-fencing, informatics, telematics, connectivity, and transactional needs for the Automotive OEM’s, Service Providers and Vendors. Best of all, customers are demanding immediate benefits from the industry.

SERVICE/PRODUCT/TECHNOLOGY: Our Products are AutoSMARTz Aggregator ™ + AutoSMARTz BID™ ViberTEX’s flagship product: AutoSMARTz Aggregator ™ enables transparent customer experience data, which is an unlimited expansion into the varied sectors of the Automotive Industry. AutoSMARTz Aggregator ™ connects the Customer with the OEM, Service Provider and the Vendor to ensure that there are data feeds to and from these sectors. With ratings, Service Provider and Vendor Validation, Certification and Review status, this system automates the metadata aggregation within the automotive industry, hence creating the only system on the market which Aggregates Auto Data.

VIBERTEXS SECONDARY PRODUCT: AutoSMARTz BID ™, which provides Transactional capabilities for the Customer, Service Provider and Vendor directly from their mobile application (phone, android, iPhone, iPad, Tablet). allowing for reverse bidding. Service Providers and Vendors are in direct contact at the point of need and on demand by the consumer. This system allows customers to search, BID & locate various services within the Automotive Industry from Roadside Assistance, Repair & Maintenance, Car Wash, Vehicle Shipping (Dealer | Individual), Auto Parts, Auto Insurance, Auto Warranty, Auto Finance, and Courier Auto Service, The system not only addresses cars, but also motorcycles, RV’s, boats and watercraft. The mobile dashboard incorporates business intelligence on demand to the customer and service provider| vendor such as service needs, coupons, rebates, and communication amongst the parties. Digital Media at it’s best AutoSMARTz BID ™ “Deals” Auto Data

Today’s Millennials demand more information, data and leads instantly. With the ability to perform comprehensive evaluations, manage vast amounts of data and measure risk and perform transactions on demand, ViberTEX AutoSMARTz ™ product lines create the platform approach which integrates the consumer, service providers & vendors. The opportunities are endless for trends, data accumulation & metadata mining on both the front and back ends, and customer experience to provide standardization within the Automotive Industry in a cutting edge customer driven technical platform. This will later be placed into the vehicle with a third product called: AutoSMARTz ™.

OUR 2nd Platform: FLORALBID (On the Web & Mobile App)

FloralBID is the first End to End Global Mobile Platform in the Floral Industry that revolutionizes the way we do business in buying, selling and sending flowers! Move over Teleflora, 1800flowers, FTD No more expensive clearing houses..FloralBID is coming!

Ok – so you want to send flowers to your mother, father, grandparents, friends, colleagues? And you want to get a deal? Of course! That is what FloralBID allows you to do.

Allows the customer to Bid a price on a type of floral arrangement
The process is done via a seemless e-commerce site which is the world’s first floral end to end mobile platform (Laptop, iPad, Tablet, iPhone, Android) with the responsive website
Bid on the flowers in your recipient’s zip code | postal code

Receive the Bids from the Customers – Talk about leads – no more waiting for people to walk into your floral shop. NO more waiting for expensive clearinghouse sales
Ability to sell your flowers that are currently in your cooler so there is little pilferage
Have your flowers assigned to an employee in the florist shop
Have your flowers assigned to a delivery resource by your florist shop

Yes but HOLD UP – Florist —- you can also do the following:
You can do the same thing that the customer just did, but for Wholesalers, Growers and Suppliers!
FloralBID will bring you all of the ways to get the best deals with the worldwide market of wholesalers, growers and suppliers. Stay competitive, keep bidding!

That means Florist – you will be able to do your lead management, your sales management, your expense management all in one single mobile application! And connect with Quickbooks!

Get the outreach to thousands of florists worldwide by obtaining leads and pricing levels from your florists.


•Customer 2 Florist, (C2F)

•Florist 2 Delivery, (F2D)

•Delivery 2 Recipient (D2R)

•Recipient 2 Florist (R2F)


•Florist 2 Wholesaler AND Grower AND Supplier (F2WGS)

•Wholesaler AND Grower AND Supplier 2 Florist (WGS2F)


  1. We are 80% completed our Platform
  2. We have an IP in progress of being finalized
  3. The platform is responsive (to be able to transact on any mobile device)
  4. Integrated all business flows for the Customer, Florist, Wholesaler, Grower, Supplier


  1. Finalize the Platform (AutoSMARTz & FloralBID)
  2. Onboarding of Service Providers
  3. Onboarding of Customers
  4. Partner with other companies to gain mass customer set
  5. Hire a Customer Service & Online Support Team
  6. Marketing, Operations, R&D
  7. Live Real Time Video Streaming of BID counter offers & negotiations


Saima A Khan – personally funded the project for $275k to date with a personal passion in the automotive and floral industry due to her early work in this industry.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/viewid=37422023&t…

Twitter: https://twitter.com/floralbid and https://twitter.com/autoqoop

©All Rights Reserved to ViberTEX, Inc. No publication or Reproduction is permissible without prior approval)

Contact Information:

Saima Khan
Sal Khan

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