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Archived: Twain : A Versatile Minimalist Wallet in Leather and Elastic

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Innovative and minimalistic wallets are the hottest commodities in the online fundraising world. The new Twain wallet is the latest trendsetter from this category and is currently featured in the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It has reached its funding goal within the first week of the campaign and is trending as one of the popular campaigns of Kickstarter. Twain is created by Artitude Initiative – a product design startup from United Kingdom. This is their third Kickstarter project. Their first successful project, Gern Haben Superwallet received great praise and appreciation from its backers. The wallet was lauded for the quality make and the premium leather used for manufacturing.  Now, Twain is expected to deliver the same premium quality at a very fair price range.

Twain wallet is not for everyone. It has been tailor made for the new minimalist smart-generation who carries around things in the coolest way possible.  Twain features a cash pouch made of premium quality leather on one side and a card pouch made of durable and super strong elastic on the other side. The elastic side also securely carries keys, coins and little accessories like flash drives. These diverse functionalities make Twain wallet an all-rounder among the other wallets in the minimalist wallet genre.


Size, Features and Looks

Twain wallet is not just an innovative minimal wallet. The creators who were in wallet design and manufacturing for over 3 years have closely analyzed the pros and cons of the many new minimalist wallets and card holders available either in the market or launched via crowdfunding platforms. So they have instilled the quality of an end product in Twain wallets. Elastic card slots featured in many minimalist wallets guaranteed compactness and those wallets were successful based on that. But a major drawback was the difficulty in accessing the cards and it was not a cakewalk as shown in  the project videos of those campaigns. The Twain makers keenly worked out on this design issue and Twain now features an easy access puller that completely eliminates the accessibility issue.                    Twain’s independent cash pouch makes it very easy to access cash. Elastic pouch holds together all the cards and other accessories and it will never fall out. Makers have successfully tested it out.  Twain comes with add on RFID blocking cards. There are very few minimalist wallets, may be none that features diverse functionalities like keeping coins and RFID blocking without compromising on the size factor. After all these, Twain wallet is still one of the most compact minimal wallets available. The wallet is almost as small as a credit card and is only 4.04mm thick. That is some real compactness. The Twain wallet is available in 3 basic colors and the mix and match allows backers to pick from 9 cool options. In addition to this, makers have introduced a new stretch goal adding two new vibrant color options. Twain is already an attention grabber and these color options will add to the attraction of the little super wallet.

RFID blocking cards


The Ultimate Cool Gear

Twain wallet is definitely the gen-next wallet. It is the futuristic minimalist wallet which offers very diverse functionalities without compromising the size factor and at a very fair price. The wallets start from  £ 9/ 14 $ It is a limited edition Kickstarter only price range. The project which has already reached its funding goal within a very short time span is all set to be the next big thing in the crowdfunding world..

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