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Sep 1, 2015 9:23 AM ET

Archived: MyDeliChefMyDeliChef: Europe’s online Marketplace for Private Chefs

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 1, 2015





MyDeliChef is an online marketplace, a platform that brings private chefs and customers together.

Chefs sign up on MyDeliChef.com, where they can create a Chef profile in order to display –among other things– their experience, their interests, their photos and their availability.

Chefs can create as many menus as they like and define prices and configuration options for each one.

Customers can browse through the menus that meet their criteria, then configure and book their favourite menu (and corresponding Chef) on our website.

The Chef then confirms the details of the order, buys the ingredients and arrives on the selected date to cook the menu that the customers booked.

Chefs take care of what they do best: creating delicious, exciting dishes that customers love.

MyDeliChef takes care of the admin side of things: marketing, bookings, payments and customer service.



The biggest impact (we hope) will be in offering talented Chefs an amazing new career choice.

Rather than having to sweat away in a restaurant kitchen until they can gather the funds to open their own restaurant, Chefs can now offer their services directly to customers via our platform.

This gives Chefs more time flexibility, more control over their creative work and potentially more income. In other words, we feel it will create a huge improvement in their job satisfaction and their quality of life.

Ideally, a large proportion of our Chefs will feel they can earn so much more through MyDeliChef that they choose to switch to working as a Private Chef full-time – thereby reaching a ‘tipping point’ and boosting the number of meals per Chef significantly as we establish a track record.

Customers can now enjoy a much more personal and authentic dining experience, in the comfort of their own home. We believe that it is a lot more fun and represents great value for money, especially when you take additional drinks prices into consideration.



Over 400 Chefs, from all over Europe, have signed up to our website and we already offer dozens of menus that Customers can book.

Our website is functional in English, French, German and Spanish, and in multiple currencies.

It also includes a booking and payments system, as well as tutorials and a cost calculator to help Chefs get set up and balance their books.

We’ve met a number of our signed-up Chefs in person in order to understand their needs. We’ve also conducted test dinners with a handful of our London-based Chefs.

We have a provisional founding team in place and we’re ready to sign employment contracts as soon as funds permit.

Importantly, we’ve achieved all the above at very minimal financial expense. This gives us the confidence that we can continue our growth without requiring huge amounts of funding.





The main uses of investment funds will be the following:

-Founder and early staff salaries.
-Office rent and IT costs.
-Marketing and Customer acquisition costs.


Contact Information:

Stephen Parkins
Marc Sala Lopez

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