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Sep 1, 2015 1:04 PM ET

Archived: Homes for Africa: Join us and let’s be a force for world change!

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 1, 2015

Homes for Africa

Join us and let’s be a force for world change!Did you know that there are 54 countries in Africa and that most of the Africa’s problems can be traced back to the lack of housing?

Housing…It is that simple.  The continent has so much financial potential but it is experiencing a housing deficit of nearly 1 million homes per country.  Our company has been given the opportunity to participate in providing quality housing and infrastructure in West Africa. We can show all the countries in the region what is possible when you have the winning combination that Global Asset Development Group has.

We have bypassed the traditional “corruption and red tape” to receive the opportunity to build over 196,000 houses in the next five years. With our goal of $100,000 we can do our due diligence, ascertain the viability of the builds. All homes we build will be durable, resilient, sustainable and made with materials and techniques that are beneficial to the environment. We will also employ thousands of local workers.

We will share the entire experience with our backers through video updates. And for helping us we will send you authentic gifts from our African adventure so you can share in it. So instead of getting just a letter, you will see and share firsthand in the entire process. Through our efforts Africa will signify hope that the world can and will be a better in the future. 


Contact Information:

Timothy Williams

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