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Sep 1, 2015 3:31 PM ET

Archived: Eye Phone: to help the user better see, read, and type on their phone or tablet

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 1, 2015

Eye Phone

Eye Phone App… How Does it Work? As currently designed in the technical drawings and 3-D models, the app has unique features not presently available in the marketplace. Although the programming has not yet been developed and is still in the developmental stages, an explanation of possible operation is as follows: The primary function of Eye Phone is to help the user better see, read, and type on their phone or tablet. The user will be able to adjust the phone or tablet screen to their eyesight. Since the user will not always be the same distance from their phone or tablet, the user can have several different focus settings saved to the app. This will allow the user to quickly and easily adjust the screen for their eyes. The user will have the option to focus the screen three different ways, by prescription strength, an eye chart or manually adjusting the screen.

What Problem(s) Does it Solve?

The unique features of this app will provide the following benefits for all consumers:
• Allows the user to adjust the phone or tablet screen to their eyesight

• Saves the user time and energy by not having to squint to read their phone or tablet

• Gives the user 3 different options to adjust the screen

Mr. O’ Connor envisions his product appealing to multitudes of consumers worldwide who use their “smart phones” not only for communication but also for innovative solutions. The markets are extensive for an ingenious app like Eye Phone; Google Play and iTunes are the most popular app stores in the primary market and are the ideal places to market this app. However, for the Android version of the app there are several new stores popping all over the cyber world such as, AppsLib, Samsung Apps, F-Droid, Slide ME, GetJar, and Amazon App Store for Android. Mr. O’ Connor wishes to leave the market open for subsequent variances and possibilities that could improve the feasibility and marketability of his product.



Products / Services


Eyephone will be an app that allows the viewer to focus the screen to the viewers eyes making no need for eyeglasses

Contact Information:

Jason O'Connor

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