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Sep 1, 2015 9:40 AM ET

Archived: eMotorWerks – High-Performance Charging Solutions for Electric Cars

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 1, 2015

Our Smart[Grid] charging stations charge your car up to 5 times faster than the cord that came with your car. And by equipping each station with WiFi and cloud capabilities, we’re building a cleaner, cheaper, more efficient electric grid.


We’re consumers who own electric vehicles (EVs), owners and operators of multi-family units installing charging stations for our residents, corporate chief sustainability officers providing clean-charging for our employees, and managers and executives at utility companies thinking forward to an electric grid that is smarter, more efficient, and less expensive to operate.

There are a million of our cars on the road. And we’re charging our EVs with low power, slow charging stations that lack modern-day convenience. They’re over priced, and there’s far too few of them to provide convenient, fast charging we want.

eMotorWerks is injecting them with a dose of smart.


All that adds up to this: our JuiceBox(TM) is smarter, faster, more efficient, and less expensive.


The JuiceBox is operated via sophisticated and fine-tuned control through a smartphone app. It’s small enough that you can take it with you when you leave, and because all our charging stations use standard outlets, they don’t require expensive, hard-wired solutions.

Plug-in ready

WiFi connected

Smartphone controllable

Powerful (level 2 charging up to 15kW, 60Amps)

Now, you control your charging schedules, your electricity cost, even the renewable energy mix of the energy your car consumes.  

The smartphone app comes with full remote monitoring, giving you complete control over your JuiceBox from anywhere in the world.

Monitor your energy savings

Instantly see power usage stats

Control JuiceBox’s output in real-time

Configure automated charging times

Control all of your JuiceBox products from a single screen

Here’s where things get really interesting. The flow of energy across the grid is monitored and affected by two groups: utility companies and Independent System Operators, or ISOs. These two entities use some free-market mechanisms and incentives to affect how much electricity consumers use, and when they use it. It gets fairly technical, but here are some of the mechanisms currently in use to help balance the grid, avoid dangerous grid conditions, and minimize overall cost of electricity for everyone:

Demand response

Ancillary services

Local load balancing

Demand charges

Data services

That allows us to capture some of the revenues associated with this whole process. We do this through JuiceNet(TM), our cloud-based, self-learning management and dispatch platform that controls our growing network of JuiceBox charging stations purchased by home owners, workplace managers, and multi-family operators.

The end result, in addition to making your EV charging cheaper and greener, is that we’re then able to underwrite the costs of charging products for EV owners, thereby accelerating adoption of our platform.

So, because we’re making the grid smarter, it’s saving money. And by saving the grid money, we save our customers money. EV ownership just got significantly less expensive.


But we’re just getting started. Our grid services platform – JuiceNet – has been in service since 2013, and we’re now partnered with California’s top utility companies to continue enhancements to the Smart[Grid]: the California Public Utility Commission, Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, and Southern California Edison are all onboard.

We’ve also established channel partnerships with OEMs, solar companies, international distributors, and installation partners. We have deep strategic partnerships and technology integration with partners such as OSIsoft, the data platform for the nation’s grid operators (100% of the grid operators and 70% of the utilities in the US run on OSIsoft, affording us an unprecedented access to these powerful allies).

Of course, all this technology also means a few patents, for smart grid charging, remote charging control, and for a good bit more of our underlying technology.


An EV enthusiast, Valery, with a background at Google, McKinsey, and the DOE, quickly realized how inadequate the state of EV ownership is. He created eMotorWerks to change that. He is both a technical guru and responsible for the overall vision and team leadership of the company. Valery holds Ph.D in High Energy Physics from Princeton. Prior to Princeton, he was the winner of nationwide Russian Physics Competitions… twice in a row.

Formerly of Microsoft, EchoStar, and Sling Media, Alex is responsible for the grid platform and product development.

George oversees community outreach, having previously held positions at BMW, Yahoo!, and Motorola.

Alan is responsible for grid services market development. He previously held positions at Autodesk and ChargePoint.

Formerly of Honeywell, Sun Microsystems, Synopsys, and Tioga Energy, Preston oversees marketing, operations, and corporate development.

Chris Edgette is responsible for maximizing JuiceBox value on the grid, working closely with the CPUC, CAISO and major IOUs. After previous positions at SolarCity and Sunpower, he also advises the California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA) and Strategen Consulting. 

Chris Neff brings over 15 years of marketing and communications experience, including positions at demand response provider Comverge, as Director of Communications at New Jersey Audobon, and Director of Solutions and Product Marketing at RR Donnelley. 

Contact Information:

Valery Miftakhov
Alex Gurzhi
George Betak
Alan White
Preston Roper
Chris Edgette
Chris Neff

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