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Aug 31, 2015 7:34 AM ET

Archived: WOOP: we deliver semi-prepared ingredients directly to our customers enabling them to create three gourmet dinners in only 15 minutes

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 31, 2015


The relief of knowing dinner will be amazing

You get home after fighting through the traffic, you’re exhausted, you open the fridge and nothing inspires you. You could get takeaways, you could make one of the same boring meals you’ve always made, or you could spend hours trying cooking a recipe from that Asian cookbook your aunt bought you three Christmases ago. But you don’t have lemongrass. Who keeps lemongrass these days? Is it even your turn to cook?

These are the problems facing tens of thousands of busy couples and families every day: how to get a nutritious, tasty meal for a reasonable price, prepared in less than 15 minutes.

My name is Thomas Dietz and I’m a Parisian passionate about food. I created WOOP – World on our Plate – to solve these problems and bring excitement back to the table.



So how does WOOP work?

Every week we deliver semi-prepared ingredients directly to our customers enabling them to create three gourmet dinners in only 15 minutes. It’s restaurant-quality, internationally inspired cuisine – a mixture of authentic and fusion. You don’t even need to be a master in the kitchen as all meals come with easy-to-follow instruction cards.

We are lifting the lid on the top chefs’ secrets. As they do in their restaurants, we prepare all food in advance, by dicing vegetables, preparing sauces and pre-cooking meats. We do all the hard work, leaving our customers with the final minutes of cooking fun. Our product is easier to prepare and takes less time than other home delivery solutions.



Market size and validation

Subscription-based e-commerce is growing exponentially around the world, especially in the necessity-based sectors. Food and grocery home delivery is one of the world’s hottest venture capital sectors, with over $1 billion invested in 2014, and already over $500 million in the first quarter of 2015.

In New Zealand there has been very fast market adoption of the home food delivery subscription model with the success of My Food Bag (pre-portioned grocery delivery). After only two years of operation they claim revenue of $40 million plus.

We have recently launched the product in Auckland, and will quickly expand to Wellington and other urban centres and will then launch this new food revolution in Australia and other countries.

We have conducted extensive market validation, interviewing more than 200 people in quantitative surveys and 100 qualitative face-to-face interviews in order to ensure that we are really solving existing dinner problems. We have tested over 40 recipes on a large panel of customers.

The market size is over 200,000 households in New Zealand. My Food Bag has tapped into only 10,000 customers to create a $40 million revenue business.



Following a campaign of pre-registration in mid July 2015, WOOP was soft launched at the beginning of August and already delivers to over 50 customers, representing run rate revenue of $250k/year on the second week. 




The funding target for this investment round is a minimum of $550,000 with a maximum $800,000 cap for a maximum equity position of 42%. This includes KPI-based performance shares that have been issued – if our KPIs are missed the maximum equity position increases to 50% for investors in this round (more information in the offer tab). The funds raised will be used to support fast growth:

  • Building a strong team:  a great business needs talented individuals
  • Kitchen equipment: we already have a commercial kitchen, but we will need to expand as we grow, and will need to ensure we meet the highest food safety standards
  • IT system: we have a fast, innovative and robust IT system and will develop additional functionality allowing us to provide a high quality customer experience, and support our strong digital marketing strategy
  • Marketing: to fuel fast growth we need to market our product in ways that make as much noise as possible

Being passionate about sharing food experiences and disruptive business practices, I love the concept of equity crowdfunding. Offering you the opportunity to be part of this global market shift is an excellent way to spread the word quickly, and to allow you to increase the value of your shares each time a new box is sold.

We have a fantastic opportunity for rapid growth throughout NZ before quickly expanding our concept offshore. Our point of difference is our previous experience of producing pre-made meals through our previous company, TOMeTTe (winner of the Supreme Food Award at the NZ Food Awards), as well as the semi-prepared style of WOOP product. The market has been educated in the home delivery food subscription model, and we are introducing a product that is superior to existing solutions. Join us now in this food revolution!

Thomas Dietz
Founder & CEO



Product Overview

WOOP is a home delivery solution, with a subscription-based model.

Every Sunday subscribed customers receive a chilled box containing:

  • All the ingredients to prepare three gourmet dinners in 15 minutes: diced veggies, pre-cut or pre-cooked meats or fish, prepared sauces.
  • Easy-to-follow recipe sheets with clear step-by-step instructions.



All ingredients are fresh and 100% natural.

WOOP stands for ‘World on our Plate’. Every week we develop new globally inspired gourmet meals. We offer meals such as:

  • Spanish paprika and lemon chicken thighs with fresh salad and patatas bravas.
  • A very French confit duck made in Aotearoa, accompanied by apple, red cabbage and green beans.
  • A fusion of Indian and Thai flavours in our tamarind fish.
  • A succulent combination of tastes in our Kiwi pork belly with Moroccan couscous.

It’s like having an international chef prepare three fresh, healthy dinners every week at a reasonable price.



Product Description

WOOP is a subscription-based gourmet home meal delivery service.

The products are based on the concept of “mise en place”. As chefs do in their restaurants, we prepare in all food in advance by dicing veggies, pre-cutting or pre-cooking meats and other ingredients, and preparing sauces so that it only takes 15 minutes to make a gourmet dinner.

  • 3 meals/week
  • Ready in less than 15 minutes
  • Delivered to your door on Sunday afternoons and evenings
  • Options for single couples and families
  • Ingredients are fresh, healthy, vacuum-sealed, pre-cut, and pre-cooked
  • A wide range of recipes. 3 new tasty, meals each week.

We source and cook the different components of the meals.



WOOP’s value proposition

  1. Convenience: products are easy to prepare and take less time than any traditional dinner or competitor products.
  2. Fresh, healthy and 100% natural: we source the best ingredients from New Zealand, offering free-range meats and natural (no added preservatives) products.
  3. International recipes: we bring to our customers the best recipes from all around the world, offering either traditional recipes or creating unique fusion dinners by mixing flavours from different sides of the world. 


Number of meals per week

Our initial plans are three meals a week for a couple or a family. My Food Bag’s plans offer four or five meals per week. According to our market validation, surveying current and past customers of My Food Bag, four or five meals puts too much pressure on a busy weekly schedule. As a result a significant proportion of customers interviewed switched to a fortnight plan.

If there is customer demand we will create plans with four or five meals per week.



Contact Information:

Thomas Dietz
Jane Hunter
Chris Harding

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