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Aug 31, 2015 9:55 AM ET

Archived: RPMWEST #2: Limited Edition Japanese Selvedge Jeans: Limited edition runs of colored Japanese selvedge denim. Made in California. No retail markup.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 31, 2015

We are RPMWEST: A 2 year old American menswear brand that originated on Kickstarter with the simple goal of delivering the perfect pair of jeans.

We believe that the essence of denim is simplicity. Jeans used to be a garment to count on to be affordable and reliable. Today, this is rarely the case–exploited workers build cheap jeans with cheap materials, while artisan, selvedge denim often costs more than $200.

Shouldn’t things be different? We think so and decided to change things. We offer a limited run of the finest Japanese selvedge denim, beautifully designed and constructed in California without the retail markup starting at $95.

We only use the finest raw Japanese sanforized selvedge denim. Many of the styles you see in our Kickstarter are exceptionally hard to find and we only have limited quantities. Please make sure you secure your denim while it’s available.

THE CARDINAL SELVEDGE (14oz): 120 pairs limit

The Cardinal Selvedge is a beautiful new go-to classic. With a darker, rich indigo tone the Cardinal Red Selvedge jean will definitely become a closet staple. Available in: Slim Straight

THE SKYLINE SELVEDGE (12oz): 200 pairs limit

This slightly lighter weight selvedge is ultra versatile and quick to break-in. The skyline blue selvedge ID makes these jeans stand out but remain classic, making them perfect for any occasion. Available in: New Classic & Slim Straight

THE YELLOW SELVEDGE (13.5oz): 60 pairs limit

Our yellow selvedge perfectly contrasts the sanforized, dark indigo denim. Also, a neon selvedge is an extremely rare fabric and certainly something for the denim connoisseur. Available in: Slim Straight

THE COPPER SELVEDGE (15oz): 100 pairs limit

A true workman’s jean. Not only do we use a stout 15oz denim, the fabric is tightly woven making the jean very durable and encourages deep, pronounced fades. Our Copper selvedge ID features a very thick, burnt orange thread and is built to last. Available in New Classic

THE HEAVYWEIGHT SELVEDGE (18oz): 60 pairs limit

This is our heaviest jean yet and an incredible 18 oz Japanese indigo selvedge. This jean is for the denim connoisseur. It is a very heavy yet soft fabric but not for everyone. Available in: Slim Straight

More to come. Support us now and we’ll be able to introduce more denim choices. We’d love to hear from you.

We keep it simple. All our jeans are vintage inspired and come with the highest quality details. We pride ourselves on superior craftsmanship and making jeans the way they were made decades ago.

 Key highlights:

  • Japanese raw selvedge
  • Tucked belt loops
  • Chain stitched waist band
  • Chain stitched leg opening
  • Reinforced back
  • Genuine leather brand patch
  • Copper rivets and buttons
  • Made in the USA

We offer our jeans in two cuts. The NEW CLASSIC is a more modern, flattering take on the classic 5-pocket fit. These have a normal rise and a straight leg. The SLIM STRAIGHT, compared to the New Classic, has a lower rise and a slimmer silhouette from the hip to the leg opening.

Here are the measurements for both fits:

You will be able to select your size at the end of the Kickstarter. For now you just back the project and we’ll be in touch with more information.

Note: We will also offer the Cardinal Selvedge in waist size 28 and 20.

Since you are buying our jeans wholesale, you don’t have to pay the high markup typically imposed by retail stores.

What is selvedge denim?

Selvedge denim is made on narrow vintage shuttle-looms and features continuous yarn construction. It makes for a tighter weave, closed at both sides with a finished edge. This makes the denim most often a higher quality, limited in quantity and more expensive.

Why is raw selvedge denim better?

It’s not necessarily better, it’s different. Raw selvedge is denim that has NOT been washed after being treated with indigo dye. Most jeans on the market are heavily treated. Raw denim will age, mold and conform to your body over time and only get better with age. It pronounces natural fades and will make your denim uniquely yours.

How can I add The Companion Belt to my pledge?

With every great jeans goes a great belt so we are introducing a beautiful companion belt with our Japanese Selvedge denim. The belt is made from 9 oz American sourced 100% genuine leather and assembled by hand in Los Angeles, CA. The companion belt will cost $45 by itself and we offer a 10% discount with every pledge.

Just add $40 to your existing pledge to add the belt. We’ll be in touch to collect your sizing at the successful completion of the Kickstarter.

We are committed to making the perfect jeans. This is what matters to us. As the campaign progresses we hope to release more denim options and we’d like to hear from you.

Thank you,


Contact Information:

Manuel Rappard

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