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I have always loved testing my mental and physical abilities. From a young age, the capacity to master your mind’s natural ‘give in’ point and push beyond your body’s output has always been a personal challenge worth tackling. I never thought much about what drew me to that challenge. Perhaps it was a skill that would become necessary later in life and a practice essential to overcoming life’s confrontations and otherwise impossible challenges. The ability to toughen through a difficult situation takes true grit, tenacity and an unwavering belief that you can do what others cannot. Call it arrogance or even self-importance but without those inward desires to push myself I wouldn’t be where I am today.

When I began to run competitively as a teenager, running was a perfect fit with this prerogative. I was able to both push my body week after week, creating a stronger athlete while relying on my mental skills to ensure I performed to my potential. This duality is a crucial component of athletic success and has supported my running achievements thus far. However, I am not a finished product, there are always successes and failures along the way.

As a relative newcomer to track and field I believe my best is still yet to come. I have improved immensely since dedicating my life to the sport in 2012, and I have no signs of slowing down. This summer I represented Team Canada for the first time and this has only added to the excitement of pushing my body further and further towards the 2016 Rio Olympics. I continue to chase higher expectations and I invite you to join me on this journey!

To me, it is this hunger that breeds success. Ultimately, the best athletes are the ones who don’t hope to make it to the top, but the ones who know they deserve to be there. In the end, track and field will change my life.

2015 Achievements;

Team Canada Member
2015 Bronze Medallist at Canadian Senior National Championships
2015 Bronze Medallist at NACAC Senior Championships
Nova Scotia Record Holder: 1500m and Mile

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