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Aug 31, 2015 11:05 AM ET

Archived: FORTUNEHUNTER TV: the UK’s only TV Series providing specialist advice and bespoke content for SME’s

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 31, 2015





    FortuneHunter TV is the UK’s first TV Series aimed at helping small business owners to develop and most importantly sustain their business.

    Small business is in-deed big business in the UK. People have entrepreneurship aspirations worldwide, we are informed and have the ability to access information via a number of devices, a switched on millennial market across the globe. By producing quality, credible content FortuneHunterTV can gather a massive audience and database.

    Building a massive audience and database, of a highly targeted sector – creates increased awareness and interest by companies who are interested in selling their products and/or services to small business.


    It’s all about the journey, by sharing information an aspiring entrepreneur can benefit from the right mentoring, finance options, opportunities, knowledge and peer support – allowing him or her a road map, with a more defined route.

    FortuneHunter TV allows entrepreneurs like Sir Tom Hunter & Brad Burton to share aspects of their wisdom/knowledge that a small business owner can take and apply to their own business. This allows FortuneHunter TV to be a complete ideas ecosystem – tapping into an array of resources covering all aspects of business, allowing unbeatable coaching talent to share their information with a target audience that is begging for information.


    The sponsorship income has been valued at £21,120.00 in yr-1, increasing to £57,600.00 for Series-2 (International Market). The headline TV sponsorship package will sell for £12,000.00 in yr-1, the online channel sponsorship at £9,120.00. Presales will happen before the launch of FortuneHunter TV, Series-1.

    As our target audience is accurately defined it allows us to identify with our target advertiser. The total advertising income has been valued at £139,926.00 for yr-1 (series-1), increasing to £420,600 for Series-2 (international market).

    We will also host live events, featuring guest speakers every three months, these live events will bring in £72,000.00 per year, via ticket sales.


    We believe that once we have proven the brand in the UK (Series-1) – our focus will turn to an international market (Series-2). Small business is trending worldwide, the need for information is undoubtedly across international borders. This need may require local faces, and information delivered in a local language – but the fact remains, that small business worldwide requires information on how to grow and sustain a small business.

    Our intention is to position ourselves for exit within 3-years.

    There are a number of likely exit routes: •  Broadcaster •  Major Channel Owners •  Mobile Service Providers/Manufactures •  Media groups

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