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Aug 31, 2015 9:35 AM ET

Archived: divvi Trust People, Not Ads

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 31, 2015


Underlying the divvi philosophy is an idea just simple enough
to be revolutionary:
 people matter more than any ad or algorithm.

divvi makes it easy for retailers and brands to be connected with the word of mouth recommendations people make everyday, creating the unseen virality every brand seeks. 

Divvi makes purchasing from personal advice easy by coupling real world recommendations from friends and family, brand employees and even retail sales associates, with easily actionable info and sales links for the products delivered in a text or email.

There is no need or requirement for a person to have the divvi app to receive and purchase from a divvi-powered recommendation.

The beauty of divvi is that it doesn’t change behavior — seeking product recommendations is in our DNA. Ninety percent of consumers report a personal recommendation is the leading reason for a purchase. divvi just gives people an easy way to carry out our natural drive to give and purchase from recommendations while making it beneficial for brands, retailers
and consumers.

divvi’s revenue is derived from SaaS fees paid by retailers and brands as well as commissions on sales driven by the divvi platform. divvi has already secured prenegotiated commissions ranging from 6 to 12 percent from such leading brands and retailers as the North Face, Burton Snowboards, Nordstroms, REI, Backcountry.com, Bose, Michael Kors and hundreds more.. 

 Read on to learn more about divvi’s vision for collaborative social commerce.


Whether it’s a family member, a friend, or a team member at the store itself, word-of-mouth recommendations—actual conversations between people—are the #1 thing that influences what people decide to purchase.

This may go without saying, but that’s a ton of activity — all driven by people talking to people about the brands and products they love. In fact, the average American makes 17 brand or product recommendations a week.

But here’s the catch: there’s no way to harness all of that activity — on either side of the equation. Nor are recommendations always easy to give or more importantly purchase from.

Say you own a retail shop – and every day you see people come in, try on your shoes and leave, knowing they will likely buy them online. There is no current easy way to short-circuit show rooming and land customers for life.

Or, say you’re on the marketing team at an up-and-coming brand — you know that your employees are recommending products to customers, but you have no way of tracking which recommendations customers are actually taking — or how much growth those recommendations are actually driving for your business.

Say you’re a consumer — you’re out for drinks with a friend, and that friend recommends a product that they think you’ll love. You have to remember the name of the brand, find their website or hunt the product down on Amazon and hope it’s the right one — hardly anyone’s idea of an efficient process.

divvi is the answer.

For retailers, divvi is a simple way to bridge the worlds of their online and offline selling, and to more importantly elevate their customer service to attract and retain customers for life.

For brands, divvi is a powerful tool for connecting people with your brand and products in personal, relevant and—above all—impactful ways that sell product and drives true brand engagement, while also measuring and improving the effectiveness of your brand employees and ambassadors.

For consumers, divvi is a quick, easy way to share the products and brands you love with the people you love.

For everyone, divvi marks the beginning of a new era of immediacy and personalization in the way we discover, recommend and buy products every day.


Good things happen when you divvi. Your friends and customers make the purchasing choice that’s right for them, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped make it happen — plus the planet becomes a better place. A portion of every divvi-powered purchase is donated to organizations working to preserve our planet and help those in need by doing such things as planting trees to reduce the impact of carbon emissions and feeding those in need in the United States.

But this is more than just doing good. It is about good business. According to a 2015 global study of consumers’ impression and expectations for corporate social responsibility, CSR is an important differentiator and powerful driver of sales. Global consumers state of brands that support strong environmental and social issues they have a more positive image (93%), are more likely to trust and switch to (90%), are more loyal to (88%) and recommend to friends and family (90%).

divvi is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, a movement of businessed startedby Yves Chouinard of Patagonia, to unite consumers and businesses for the betterment of the planet, and a pending B Corporation. Examples of which are such successful brands as Patagonia, Warby Parker, Etsy, Toms Shoes, Seventh Generation — all of which can be found on divvi for purchase or recommendation.


In addition to having divvi available in the Apple App Store with over 50 million products to buy and recommend through divvi, we have focused our attention on forging strategic partnerships both within the outdoor industry, and technology spaces to accelerate our growth and limit costs to market. 

Leading brands have enthusiastically validated our mission of powering word of mouth sales. Our first enterprise retail customer, Outdoor Gear Exchange, went
live August 1 with instore training for its staff of 40 retail sales associates. Over the course of the next month divvi will be fully integrated into the sales and marketing experience at OGE with all sales staff having it on the floor; in-store signage promoting divvi; and direct marketing to OGE’s current customers. 

Additionally, divvi has proposals and ongoing discussions with the following
brands to power employee and pro sales: 

Early stage discussions ongoing with Volkl, Marker, Dalbello, Rossignol and 
Terry Bicycles among others.

In addition to our brand and retail partners, divvi has established relationships with top technology partners that give access to features and capabilities that would normally cost millions of dollars to build.

Prosperent gives us access to our 50 million
products with commission rates of 6 to 12%
on divvi-powered purchases ready to go.

Daft Labs, an experienced developer of over 200 enterprise level apps, is developing our back end 
API and has an equity stake within divvi. Atmosphere Interactive is our front-end developer for iOS and has an equity stake in divvi.

On the distribution side, divvi is proud to be partnering with IPA-Connect, a leading provider of outsourced pro-sales. The founder of IPA-Connect, Andy Marker, has managed pro sales for Patagonia and Prana in house and now manages over a dozen outsourced programs for brands like Dakine, Smith Optics and K2.

For more information about where divvi goes from here and how you can be a part of it, please request access to the Business Plan side of this profile!


The divvi team is a small group of entrepreneurs, makers, and doers from Vermont. Together, we connect the dots between ideas, products, and people across the globe. We’ve worked in corporate America, for ourselves, built our own brands, and rolled up our sleeves to help others revolutionize industries. These experiences
led us to build divvi, a platform built on the knowledge that it is always better to 
trust people, not ads, and that everyone can win in the path to purchase — brands, retailers and consumers.

        Richard Morin, Founder, CEO & CMO
                                                Richard is a seasoned creative director, brand strategist and youth marketer who has worked with such international brands as TDK Electronics, Burton Snowboards, Nordica Skis,Tecnica, Rollerblade, Moonboots, Blizzard Skis, Gravis Shoes, 5 Boro Skateboards, Ovum Records and Brown University among others.

Tom Durso, President
Tom has been an integral part of the leadership teams of some of the best consumer brands in their categories — Burton Snowboards, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, The UFC and TOMS Shoes. His senior level contributions have come in Finance, Business Development, Operations and Brand Management.

Amy Magyar, VP of Sales
Amy is an experienced, self-motivated sales, service and customer-oriented professional. A 20+ year expert at understanding the “how, why, and when” consumers and merchants select and buy products. Her focus during this time has been on analyzing, selling and marketing to, working with and around youth consumers. – understanding Gen X, GenY/Millennials, and Gen Z/Boomlets and their brand loyalty, spending habits, trends, and beliefs. She is the former director of soft goods sales at Burton Snowboards.

James Thompson, Head of Development
James is a noted technologist, startup veteran and digital commerce and marketing expert has built over 200 enterprise-level applications. He is the founder of Daft Labs — a 12 member programming and architecture team with offices in Burlington, Vermont and New York City.

Contact Information:

Richard Morin
Tom Durso
Amy Magyar
James Thompson

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