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Aug 31, 2015 4:33 PM ET

Archived: Baru Exchange: offers a completely new way to generate income, advertise, increase online traffic, and grow sales

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 31, 2015

Baru Exchange

Baru Exchange Logo


Baru Exchange offers a completely new way to generate income, advertise, increase online traffic, and grow sales. Baru Exchange is beyond a typical social network or advertising vehicle – it breaks new ground in its ability to create compelling value in online activity. When members become part of our social business network, they are integrated into a community that optimizes their business opportunities and can increase their online presence.

In addition, Baru Exchange will provide all members with specifically-targeted feedback, data and analytics. These products and services allow members to interact with each other to increase visibility, business networking and ultimately sales.

Baru Exchange, LLC., established in 2013 by Channing Miller, is an Online Commerce Community and Social Business Network based on the concept of engendering value through community. We are headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our reach is global; all a member needs to participate in our community is a smartphone, tablet or desktop and an Internet connection.

Moreover, Baru Exchange offers a paradigm that allows members to thrive in their purpose, attract more than they chase, and make connections happen with ease, flow, and synchronicity.

The equation works like this:

Billions of (mobile) online users + direct sales model + fun, easy to use, positively addicting application + personal growth and wealth creation= Baru Exchange, LLC.

The value is underpinned by Baru’s proprietary algorithms that tie “Big Data” to the member’s interaction and creates useful, actionable reports that result in increased sales and online visibility.

Baru Exchange provides members with a platform to advertise their website / media, build connections through our social networking feature, earn income through participating, and make money for signing up new members.

Products / Services

Online Marketplace , Traffic Generation, Analytics, Feedback, Ad Space, Website Optimization

Baru Exchange’s main product is success. Every feature of Baru Exchange will help an individual/business succeed in this ever-competitive world. Once a person becomes a member, they become part of a community that will help their business succeed, as well as earn income in multiple ways. Members can procure traffic generation, analytics, advertisement space on our site and app, and promotional and motivational material.

Only Baru Exchange offers a flat rate for traffic generation, feedback, and analytics. We provide members with a control center (our dashboard) where they can completely control their exposure, access feedback and analytics, message other members in the community, track affiliates, and access the community directory from a smartphone, tablet or desktop. All of those features are located in one place and easy to use, understand, and control.


Contact Information:

Channing Miller

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