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Aug 30, 2015 10:39 AM ET

Archived: Take us to the Naledi Showcase for Youth!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 30, 2015

Take us to the
Naledi Showcase for youth!

Put us on a plane to JHB so that we can show case our work for
the NALEDI AWARDS. Be a part of this exciting opportunity!

They speak about sustainability of the arts, but now you can contribute to it by empowering a team of young, passionate artists who aim to show case their work at the Soweto theatre. We have been invited to showcase our production of ‘People are living’ there at the Naledi awards for theatre pieces aimed at young audiences. The Department Of Arts and Culture has agreed to match every pledge made, with two hundred rand!

When the lonely and isolated Milly, a woman on the brink of turning 50, decides to rope in Don, a Student, Shorty, a dimwitted newly wed and Sissy, Short’s wife, into dealing with a secret that she cannot come to terms with. A celebration full of regret, bitterness and absurdity erupts.

People Are Living there with a conceptual twist, reveals Athol Fugard’s carefully woven subtext within his original text. In this adaptation we explore the struggles of a 50 year old women.The struggle of the subconscious within a realistic context.

Like a slowly decaying house held together by thin threads of memory, Milly cannot come to terms with a secret that she struggles to face; an internal struggle with the ‘loss of time’.

Be a part of piece that uncovers:

– Absurdity
– Delusion
-Power struggle



Milestone 1 –  R8000
The Tipping Point
This amount covers transport of 6 people, to and from Johannesburg by plane.

Milestone 2 – R9000
This covers food costs and car rental.

Milestone 3 – R16050
This covers accommodation and marketing (T-shirts x 6)

Please support us, and be part of the Circles of Life
Buy Rewards and share the crowdfunding campaign: www.thundafund.com/PeopleAreLivingThere



Contact Information:

Hungry Minds Theatre Collective

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