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Aug 29, 2015 8:36 AM ET

Archived: Supporting Art by Looking Cool T-shirt for Uni

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 29, 2015

Supporting Art by Looking Cool T-shirt for Uni

Supporting Art by Looking Cool T-shirt for Uni


About the project

I’m just about to go into my 2nd year BA Hon Illustration at Plymouth Uni. In order to help fund my final two years, and potentially an MA afterward, I would like to start selling teeshirts on a professional level.

Following a great response on my recently created instagram account for some  teeshirt illustration ideas I had put forward, I would now like to print them up as teeshirts which I could then sell. This would help fund the cost of travel to and fro from Exeter to Plymouth, art materials and books.

In two years time,  as part of my degree I would like to hold an exhibition at a gallery in Exeter. All this costs varying amounts of monies and I’m wanting to start to plan and work for all of this of this now.

Afterward I should like to carry on for another year by finallising with an MA. The course costs £9000 per annum. No small feat, and the maintenance fees/ grant does not cover my overall cost each year.So I thought to offer some teeshirts to supplement the short fall and more.

I would like to buy a second hand DTG (direct to garment) printing machine. These are about £2500 + £200 for the inks on ebay if I make a lucky purchase, which I often do, so that will be fine. A minimum funding of £3500 wold enable me a) to buy the machine and b) be able to offer anyone who pledges £20 or more a teeshirt with one of my designs. And anyone who plegdes £10+ is to receive an iron on Transfer picture, again one of my designs.


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