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Aug 29, 2015 12:00 AM ET

Archived: Help Create a Musical Masterpiece That Soothes the Soul

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 29, 2015

Royal Records presents her debut album A Musical Masterpiece to explore the art of audio expression with the desire to overcome the tragedies of life.


San Jose, California, August 27, 2015 – New startup Royal Records announced that it is raising funds while distributing rewards on Kickstarter in hopes to create a musical masterpiece that soothes the soul. The company hopes to raise $3,031 on Kickstarter to fund professional studio production and fulfillment of rewards for her debut EP.


This musical masterpiece is for anyone enduring the pain of a lost loved one, anyone that feels agony, and most importantly anyone who wants to transcend threw these tragic events and groove to a beat that makes everything feel okay again. We cannot predict life’s cards that are thrown our way, we can only pick up those cards and use them to our advantage. The advantage here is to create a positive grieving process with the resilience of harmonies and melodies in the sound of music. The psychology behind music shows that dopamine is released when a song is heard that is pleasurable. Creating an importance in the awareness that music should be created to heal, help, and outshine the depressions in life.

Inspired by the support of a lost loved love, founder Kristin Royal has turned the tragic event of her father passing away of brain cancer into a motivating force of creation. Royal held her first art exhibition December 21, 2014 a year after her fathers passing, in his honor. The walls held 56 masterpieces she had created as therapy in the grieving process. Her father Garry Royal always supported his daughter’s creativity never doubting any of her talents. With this is mind, Royal decided to push the limits of her artistic abilities and began recording and producing beats. While her passion for art still reminds, the idea of audio expression brings a new way to connect with her soul with the souls of others who are also overcoming adversity. With samples of Royal singing at age 3 this debut album will present personal memories and inspirational insight.

The inspiration behind Royal Records (Live Art)

Royal Records has dreams of touring the world and bringing healing and connection to individuals worldwide. Dreams of raising funds to give back to cancer research and treatments would be an ultimate success in her journey. Giving back to help support the mental health and counseling costs of those who have lost loved ones is an idea worth fighting for. Creating a musical community of healing for the world to enjoy motivates her mind to research and study the possibilities everyday. This is not something that can be manifested alone; this is however, something that can be built together.

The success of the funding of this project brings plans to release Royal Records debut EP on December 21, 2015 celebrating the second anniversary of the life of Garry Royal. Click here to help fund this project or share with family and friends. Your support is much appreciated.

Here is an exclusive track from Royal’s EP only available here https://soundcloud.com/royouknow/inspirational-with-love-ro/s-UJD9O (Rough version)

You are able to view Royal’s artwork here at A Royal Masterpiece

Contact Information:

Royal Records
Founder, Kristin Royal
A Royal Masterpiece
(209) 263-2523

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