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Aug 29, 2015 9:10 AM ET

Archived: Britelligence, Inc. Build financial knowledge and enable small businesses

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 29, 2015

Congrats, everyone.  We made it through the tough times together.  Now, let’s get back to the positive side of money.

Our set of tools is simple to use, and effective on their own; however, we’ve also developed product bundles that address more specific financial needs (new business owners, for example).  And fear not: we’ve teamed up with Cifra, a secure messaging and data storage tool, to ensure the security of your valuable information.

We have started with a focus on college students as they are entering the job market and have a great deal of student debt with which to contend which fits our vision of “helping individuals build financial knowledge”, but our extended corporate vision calls for us to also “enable small business” and become the infrastucture of small businesses.  We’ve secured key partnerships (Cifra and SOAR) and have directly invested $4,000,000 of our own funds.  The time to enter the market has now arrived.  Come on board!


With all of the useless things taught in schools these days, there’s no wonder they’re forgetting to address things that are truly valuable; namely, personal financial management.  Outside of a field trip here and a special guest speaker there, the topic is barely mentioned…and the result is entire generations that are practically clueless concerning financial matters as basic as budgeting when they start to enter into adulthood.

The problem is especially magnified during and after a financial crisis of 2008 and the ensuing years.  It’s at times like these where knowing the proper way to manage your money is of utmost importance.  Sure, we all know how easy it is to spend money when we have it – but nobody has ever taught us how to manage our finances in a distressed environment.

This has created a huge portion of the population, nearly half in fact, that doesn’t know how to use debt to their benefit and don’t have the tools and know-how to properly dig themselves out of a hole.  The resulting strain and stress this creates is something nobody ever wants to deal with and can cause strains on relationships, your job and even your health.

Many people today have never been educated about their finances and how debt can be used to their benefit.  They only find out after they have abused debt.  The result is poor credit ratings, low savings rates, high financing rates, and constant worry about the future.  


We’ve designed a specific set of tools dedicated to your Personal Financial Intelligence for you and your small business.  Our products provide you with the necessary information to understand and overcome your financial concerns, but in a cost effective manner that the masses can afford.  Not only this, but we show you how to leverage your debt and earnings in a way that turns things around quickly and takes you from a stressful situation to a prosperous one.

While our offerings are aimed towards helping a huge target market, we understand that everyone’s situation is unique.  That’s why we’ve developed a series of combined offerings – something unmatched by competitors – that cover proper education in a number of different financial scenarios.  Additionally, some offerings include individualized, one-on-one services directly target the causes of the financial stress and get you back on track quickly.


Our team of experts has assembled a set of tools to help people acquire and apply the knowledge and skills necessary to build Personal Financial Intelligence.  A variety of features come together to make the Britelligence package stand out from the pack:

Expertly constructed starter guides – Britelligence has published three introductory guides which include Balancing Your Lifestyle, Small Business Start Up and Starting Your Business, Asset Protection and LLC formation.  They’re accompanied by Saving your A$$ets, an eBook by bankruptcy attorney Henry Simon, that provides actual hands on asset protection.

Personalized training – We offer one-on-one classes recorded and offered online as well as individual consultation.  We intend to add these to ongoing subscription packages as a premium upcharge.

Secure messaging and data storage – We’ve partnered with DRM to provide Cifra, an industry-leading data security tool, to our clients to maintain the safety of their data in a secure environment.

Proprietary and valuable material – Our educational platform consists of proprietarily developed material and tools.  Beginning with our starter guides, everything was written collectively from our team’s personal experiences in the finance and corporate world.

Personalization and customization – Each client has complete customization of their package.  We can also pre-personalize it for you; we just need to know what you’re trying to accomplish and we’ll work with you on it.

Bundled packages setup based on need – The true value of our products is realized through our packages.  The first priority of the packages will be college students and those seeking a change, but we’ll ultimately aim to capture new small business owners.  Our top online package, for example, includes the guides, books, a year of Cifra, half hour of legal advice, a domain search service, and 15 minutes with a CPA for $299.  We also offer offline, the ability to create a personalized asset protection plan with our legal team for $3,000.


At Britelligence, we’re attempting to educate millions of Americans about personal financial management and remove their stress – no easy feat.  While it won’t happen overnight, our accomplishments up until this point have us very excited.  Check them out!

Experts engaged.  Not only are big name financial players on our side, but they’ve also kicked forth their knowledge – adding even more to our impressive educational material.

Product line fully developed.  Our individual offerings are defined and the initial products (including packages) are set and ready to sell.  Additionally, our ability to customize our offerings allows us to seamlessly provide our clients with respect to their specific requirements and needs.

Licensing cutting-edge products.  Cifra, the security product is covered by a patent and has been licensed to Britelligence for use in this market.  DRM has licensed Cifra to Britelligence for use.

Sales channel partnership.  SOAR, a non-profit company, is set up to provide us with a valuable sales channel in the re-entry market.  They’ll help provide discounted classes to those who are incarcerated and soon-to-be released who need assistance to re-establish themselves.

Big time skin in the game.  Our founding team is already in for a staggering $4,000,000 of their own funds.  Our belief and commitment towards making a positive change in the lives of many drives the company and creates a culture of care and stewardship.

For more on what the future holds for Britelligence, please request access to the business plan portion of this profile.


Our quartet of visionaries combines vast expertise in both the financial realm and the tech world.  Using the same principles set forth in our Personal Financial Intelligence program, we know how to run a lean business that takes calculated risks at the proper times.  Meet the Britelligence team!

Mark Wilson, CEO
Our leader Mark is a financial guru with over 25 years of industry experience.  He’s a shrewd investor who currently serves as Managing Director of Preservation Capital Management, LLC while making the transition to Britelligence.  In the past, he’s held senior management and board level positions with various companies, including a stint as interim CEO and President of portfolio companies while at Stone Capital, a Dallas-based private equity firm.  Mark steers the ship for Britelligence and guides vision and strategic direction.

Cliff Ellery, CTO
Currently, Cliff serves as CTO for DRM Security, and will hold the same position with Britelligence.  He has over 20 years’ experience in data management and system security, and is gifted in developing solutions designed to help companies protect their digital assets and allow for controlled sharing.  As CTO, he’ll be in charge of engineering management and will head up the tech design function.

Tom Duszynski, CFO
A licensed CPA for over 35 years, Tom started out with the IRS before entering the entrepreneurial world.  First, he co-founded investment company Augustine Capital Management in 1997 and has since co-founded FT Trading LLC, a commodities and futures trading company.  Both companies are still active.  As Britelligence’s CFO, he’s in charge of all things financial.

Robert Tapales, CMO
Robert has over 24 years’ experience building brands in a variety of industries including healthcare, sports, and media.  He brings a strong entrepreneurial mind to the team, with expertise in marketing for startups.  As CMO, he’ll oversee all elements of the marketing function including brand management, lead generation, and customer service.

Contact Information:

Mark Wilson
Cliff Ellery
Tom Duszynski
Robert Tapales

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