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Archived: Work Out In The Kitchen With Plantz St: The World’s First Culinary Gym!

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The last decade has seen an increasing emphasis on good health and wellbeing. Plantz St. is the perfect solution to teach American’s how to create plant based, wholesome and delicious meals with the knowledge and confidence that the health benefits are real.


Last week, the revolutionary concept of a culinary gym became a reality when Culinary Coach and Founder, Katie Mae, launched the crowdfunding campaign to expand her influence across American soil.


The plant based diet revolution is supported by world renowned chef Jamie Oliver and is the main focus of Plantz St. Katie Mae has set her goal to coach and train 1 million fellow Americans to fuel their bodies and reach their maximum potential in a fun but education based way. Katie says “The fastest way to toned abs is preparing AND eating delicious plant foods.”


Plantz St. will offer classes tailored to building kitchen skills and strengths in a stimulating and supportive environment. Using expert techniques the qualified coaches will guide members to explore new foods and experiment with creativity, all whilst working towards and maintaining physical health. The physical activity involved in the preparation of these wholesome meals is a bonus, as members work their cores through good posture and culinary techniques. The resulting meals at the end of the class will both nourish the body and encourage optimum health. Members leave classes feeling more energized and inspired to fulfil their wellbeing journey.


Plantz St. recipes and meals are all tried and tested for maximum flavour and sensory stimulation, and are designed to be family friendly. Culinary Coaches expect members to feel more comfortable in their own kitchens and feel a sense of connection with the foods they are working with after attending classes through Plantz St. With sustainability and enjoyment in mind, classes are expected to fill up quickly and new recipes will be frequently added to stimulate and increase the skills of frequent members.


Plant based diets have been shown to assist in disease prevention and minimization of common symptoms such as headaches, inflammation, indigestion and more. Those who already follow a plant based diet are more energized, perform better in life and sport and find it easier to reach and maintain ideal weight. Plantz St. culinary gym is designed to help members create a health and wellbeing pathway that is not a diet, but a lifestyle. With support and sponsorship from renowned organizations The Food Revolution Network, Plant Pure Nation, TrueNorth Health Centre, Dr. McDougall’s Health and Medical Center and website Forks over Knives, Plantz St. is set to be a successful and inspiring concept toward better health and wellbeing.


Plantz St. would like to open in an initial location in Santa Rosa, California, with plans to open in the Fall of 2015. Funding through Indiegogo has already begun:


Go to to find out more about this great new SA Business.


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