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Aug 28, 2015 9:34 AM ET

GemPhones, Inc.: the Jewelry Earphones

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 28, 2015

GemPhones, Inc.


Kickfurther family, we want to exclusively offer you the opportunity to fund our FIRST shipment of the newly redesign GemPhones Classic Pearl with in-line mic and Wireless GemPhones Classic Pearls! We will begin mass production once we complete funding. We’ve finalized our partnership with a US manufacturer and we estimate shipments from their facility to begin in October.

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*Wireless GemPhones shown are prototypes only.  Final design is not pictured.

Our experience tells us that various unexpected things will happen from the design of product to the final production. Therefore, in order to ensure a perfect product, we relentlessly test the materials, molds, and hardware. Help us kick our inventory further and bringing the NEW LOOK OF SOUND to the market!

*Wireless GemPhones Not Pictured


About GemPhones, Inc.

GemPhones’ mission is to provide pure & authentic sound through uniquely designed wearable, wireless earphones. We carry that vision when we consider all aspects of our design. 

The functionality, we wanted to create a design the modern mover and shaker can enjoy a hands free and tangle free listening experience. So we added 2 of the strongest jewelry magnets we could find to keep your earphones managed and stylist at all times. 

The materials, we hand pick some of the finest gemstones that are designed for luxury yet lightweight and durable. 

The sound. It was important that GemPhones played to lead role in your listening experience. Because at the end of the day…it’s all about the music experience. We teamed up a leading earphones manufacturer to deliver premium sound quality. We wanted the sound to be so clear and pure with designs that fit your style.


The GemPhones signature design is the Classic Pearl. We will also be releasing the newly redesigned Classic Pearl wired version and debuting the wireless version of this crowd favorite! 

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The GemPhones Pearls are classic, chic, and timeless.  The Classic Pearl GemPhones provide top quality sound and easily complement any outfit. When not listening to your favorite song or talking on your phone with the built in mic, wear these gems as a stylish necklace. 

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    • In-line Microphone (NEW * NOT PICTURED)

    • Two button remote to answer/end calls or play/stop music or skip songs

    • Five button remote to answer/end calls, play/stop music, skip songs and control volume (*WIRELESS ONLY)

    • Nylon braiding cord greatly reduces tangles and increases longevity

    • Sound features strong, powerful bass

    • Bluetooth 3.0 allows you to be up to 30ft away from your device  (*WIRELESS ONLY)

    • Sound features pure, high bass response

    • Replaceable silicone earbud covers

    • CE and RoHS Compliant

    • Noise Canceling

    • Cord Length: 1.2m 

    • Jack Size: 3.5mm

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Contact Information:

Kelli Meade

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