Aug 27, 2015 9:00 AM ET

Archived: Quantafilmationz Seeks Funding for New Multi-Genre Album!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 27, 2015

Quantafilmationz today announced an ambitious financial campaign seeking funding for the production of a new album entitled, “PowerLand” – a multi-genre album ranging from Latin rock opera to Latin jazz – which will be the first official OST of the PowerLand anime.

The financial amount being sought has not yet been disclosed, but according to the album’s producer JG Traveler, “If I get all of the funding needed to cover the cost of the album’s production, then he’s hoping that within a few months after the last track is laid, we’ll have it launched.”

PowerLand is aimed at an audience ranging from ages 10 – 40, especially those consider themselves connoisseurs of music.

“Ten is the earliest because of the album’s anime audience appeal and 40 because of the jazz and 80s sounding rock music on it,” said JGTraveler, CEO of record producing company, Quantafilmationz. Graduated in 2004 from SCPA of Cincinnati in instrumental music, JGTraveler, in 2009, graduated from Raymond Walters with a degree in applied business. Since then, he has been making videos on YouTube under the aliases 2kreturner, jgtraveler, travelersfrontier, and temporalflux.

“There is no doubt the PowerLand album will be another collection in their library,” he added.

The PowerLand album will form the crux of the upcoming anime promotion, as according to the spokesperson, the project will be a web only series of music videos first before moving on to the anime series,” said JG Traveler.

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