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Aug 27, 2015 5:57 PM ET

Archived: Meet me at Green Dragon Parade

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 27, 2015

Meet me at Green Dragon Parade


The N21 Live Local Spend Local business group want to restore the Masons Corner sign which is barely readable. Named after a hardware store which closed in the 1970s, this is an important junction in Winchmore Hill, linking Green Lanes and Green Dragon Lane. Two hundred metres down the road is the Green Dragon pub (dating back to 1720s). It sadly closed in March and its future is uncertain. Whatever the outcome, we want to ensure that the Green Dragon will continue to roar in Winchmore Hill and ‘christen’ this stretch of Green Lanes as Green Dragon Parade. Both parades have an array of independent businesses, including beauty salons, hairdressers, grocers, restaurants & takeaways which are important to our local economy. Not only do we want to ensure that these locations are recognised by future generations but we also want to help businesses to improve their kerb appeal and make these parades more attractive for local residents and thus encourage them to live local & spend local.

What we’ll do:

  • Restore the Masons Corner wall sign
  • Erect pavement signs to denote Green Dragon Parade
  • ]Install planters on both shopping parades to ‘green up the grey’

Why it’s a great idea:

We endorse Boris Johnson statement, to quote, “London’s high streets bring people together; they’re at the heart of our daily life and economy where people live, socialise, work, access services”. We want to ensure that these two local parades continue to offer all the above to local residents & their families; are given a stronger sense of identity and made more attractive places to spend time and money.

The improvements we propose should encourage local residents to recognise (and hopefully appreciate) the value of these facilities for themselves and for the prosperity of the community in which they live.

The bid will provide the N21 Local Spend Local business group with a great opportunity to encourage local residents to play an a more active part in improving their local area.

Whilst some of the businesses are thriving, others are merely surviving. Any improvements to their trading environment important in the appearance of the local area will be good for business.

How we’ll get it done:

  • Enfield Council is endorsing the bid and will source the sign and planters for our bid
  • We will urge business owners in the vicinity to encourage their customers/clients to make small pledges
  • Encourage local residents to make small pledges via n21online.com, the local community portal

The Bid provides a unique opportunity for the N21 Live Local Spend Local campaign group to work with business owners (& landlords) to engage with the local community. Our bid will help to retain the names of two important local landmarks for future generations, whilst investing in the future prosperity of these two local parades.

This section of Green Lanes has received little investment in recent years. Some of the independent businesses on these parades are thriving, whilst others are merely striving or surviving. On a positive note, a number of business owners have improved their frontages; new businesses have opened and the appearance of the stretch to be designated ‘Green Dragon Parade’ has improved over the past two years. However, footfall is an ongoing concern and making the area a more attractive place for local residents to spend time and money can only be beneficial. N21 residents please make a small pledge to retain the Green Dragon name in our local heritage.

Contact Information:

N21 Live Local Spend Local

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