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Aug 26, 2015 5:57 PM ET

Archived: THE SNARE OF THE FOWLER: Jordan and Leah are an expectant married couple dealing with a new level of uncertainty in their relationship

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 26, 2015



This script is an exploration of a nightmare had by the director, Zachary Lee Ratchford. In writing this film, we wanted to depict this dream truthfully as it was experienced emotionally by Zach. The desire to recreate that sense of terror and twisted logic allowed us to develop this world and it’s characters through the prism of the subconscious.


Jordan and Leah are an expectant married couple dealing with a new level of uncertainty in their relationship. While winding down from an intimate evening together, Jordan receives an alarming phone call concerning his grandmother’s house. He immediately drives out to investigate. 

After arriving, while walking up to the house, he is jumped, beaten and mugged. Awaking in a daze, Jordan walks the streets looking for help. He approaches a seemingly innocent man, but quickly finds out that he has stumbled upon a crime in progress. He is swiftly abducted by this man and his family, who is lead by the zealously religious, Edith, whom everyone calls “Mama”. 

He finds himself a prisoner in their home. Throughout the night, he is approached by each family member as they respond to his presence. He tries to connect and appeal to each one, as a means to escape with his life. 

Bradly, who is an empathetic, kind hearted man, wants to help Jordan but is trapped by the strong armed, persuasion of his more violent, impulsive brother, Seth. Edith “Mama” reveals herself as the epicenter of the power in the home. At first, she is assumed to be compassionate and willing to help Jordan, but he eventually sees that her cunning use of her religious beliefs and opinions have made her more of an obstacle than a way out. 


We plan on submitting the film to various film festivals across the U.S. including local film festivals such as the Chattanooga Film Festival, Nashville FF, and Atlanta FF; then, continuing to larger film festivals such as Los Angeles Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival. Since this project is locally filmed and written in the north Georgia and Tennessee areas, we would like to give back to the location and continue to draw local film talent awareness to the area, by utilizing the local movie theaters for screenings and the premiere. Through Seed&Spark, we are looking forward to the opportunity of submitting to online streaming platforms and VOD multi-screen portals. We will also be submitting the film to independent distributors from around the U.S. 

Contact Information:

Zachary Ratchford

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