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Aug 26, 2015 2:25 PM ET

Archived: Rekure – Sneaker App: a mobile platform that allows you to identify, organize, and purchase your sneakers

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 26, 2015

Rekure – Sneaker App

Sneakers needed a home . . . so we built it one.

 REKURE is a mobile platform that allows you to identify, organize, and purchase your sneakers. Our users have repeatedly asked us for a mobile application. 

Well now… we have designed an app to meet the needs of every sneaker enthusiast. When the campaign goal is met, the app will be released as a mobile web app.

Key features of the app:

  • Culture allows you to access everyone’s photos based on brands. 
  • Friends help you stay in touch.
  • The Wish list is your own personal sneaker finder.
  • The list tracker shows your status on shoes that you are buying and selling.
  • Closet allows you to shows the world why your sneaker collection is different from everyone else.
  • Photo sharing allows you to share photos with your friends and followers. 


You can list and display your own shoe pics, friends uploads,  and images from the whole sneaker culture. Check out a whole world of shoes, simply organized by brand in this easy-to-use app.


Display your sneaker collection like never before! Rekure allows you to show the world why your sneaker collection is like no other.

Wish List:

Rekure searches the globe to find another sneaker lover or store who has the shoe you want – or who wants the shoe you have. We save you the time of an exhaustive search – and even give you the option to allow Rekure to verify the authenticity of the shoes before we complete the transaction!

We are currently developing a sneaker app that will change the way sneakers are purchase globally. Rekure is the most unique experience any sneaker enthusiast will ever encounter. 



Our campaign goals

  1. $6,000 will allow us to continue development  for Rekure and start to create an app for iPhone/iOS (Spring 2016) and Android  phones as well (Summer 2016)
  2. $6,000+ will significantly speed up our development process 

The greater goal we achieve, the greater possibilities we have to get funding from other sources and investors.

With your help we can guarantee the continuous development of Rekure.

Other ways to help us:

  • Tell your sneaker friends about the campaign
  • Share this campaign on Facebook or Twitter
Contact Information:

Marlon Avery
Justin Dawkins

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