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Aug 26, 2015 4:34 PM ET

Archived: KidScholly: one of the only organizations in the country offering scholarships to elementary, middle school, and high school kids

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 26, 2015


What is KidScholly?

KidScholly started as a challenge to two siblings on the day of their baptism. Both kids were given a check for $150 by their parents and told:

“Your challenge is this: Take this money and find a way to make it grow. Then, decide how you can use it to help others.

From that, came the brainstorm session that resulted in the creation of KidScholly.

At KidScholly, we believe that every kid should have the opportunity to:

  • Go to camp
  • Play an instrument
  • Be on a sports team
  • Be outfitted with proper equipment
  • Study in summer programs
  • Act, dance, and sing
  • Have glasses to see the board and read
  • Be tested for learning differences and receive intervention
  • Be provided needed technology

KidScholly is one of the only organizations in the country offering scholarships to elementary, middle school, and high school kids to allow them to participate in activities that not every parent can afford but that most kids want and need to develop to their potential.

KidScholly believes that early participation in sports, arts, extra academic opportunities, and early intervention for learning challenges is vital to discovering and building the confidence, talents, and dreams of our youth.

As a bonus, the scholarship recipients build their work ethic and community spirit by completing volunteer hours to earn the needed funds. Now more than ever, kids need communities, and communities need kids.

KidScholly a “win-win” for all.

How are we planning on spending the money?

KidScholly accepts applications from financially needy K-12 students who need assistance to fund their participation in extracurricular activities. We aim to support artistic, academic, and athletic opportunities that can enrich the lives of the applicants.

Grants start at $50 and are sometimes > $1000, depending on the need. After a brief application and interview, kids complete one hour of community service for every $25 in funds they are requesting. After all application steps are complete, funds are paid directly to the merchant or organization that will fulfill the specific need of the child.

We aim to help as many kids as possible, and we anticipate needing at least $50,000 our first year to meet the needs of the kids we will serve.

The upside…

Kids everywhere can have access to opportunities to participate in summer camps, team and individual sports, after school clubs, dance classes, art lessons, theater productions, tutoring and remediation, and other positive programs that will expand their world. From these experiences, kids will be better able to figure out their strengths and talents as well as their challenges and to plan a better future for themselves.

Kids in need still need to be kids!

Who’s behind this campaign?


  • Devlin Turner (age 11): Director of Artistic and Educational Scholarships
  • Darius Turner (age 8): Director of Athletic and Extracurricular Scholarships
  • Liz Turner: Mom and KidScholly President

Both of the founding kids have been fortunate to have had many opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. They both also have dyslexia and have had the benefit of early testing, tutoring, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and educational advocates to get the support they need to be successful and happy students.

The founding kids know that they are fortunate to have what they need both inside and outside of the classroom, and they want to help other kids who haven’t been as lucky. Their parents are 100% behind them and determined to make their amazing idea a reality.

Please donate to help kids in need!
Arts, Academics, and Athletics for ALL!




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