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Aug 26, 2015 11:36 AM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Aug 26, 2015


The story of the project

“COURAGE” is a eight episode, half hour comedy series about a wanna-be personal trainer who dreams of changing the world, one client at a time.

Pete, the personal trainer and his rag-tag gaggle of clients are not your typical workout bunnies or buff he-men. They all have their own quirky stories, painful struggles and off-beat aspirations. Society might view them as rejects, but with Pete’s misguided guidance these underdogs hope to achieve their dreams.

Pete likes to get personal. Not because of his hands on approach but, because he cares for his clients. He feels he has a pretty special knack for personal training and believes he has what it takes to be “The 2015 Personal Trainer of the Year”. Although, not quite everyone would agree.

Pete has the best intentions at heart but his alternative training regimes certainly cause problems. His “Cutting Edge” techniques literally leave cuts and push his clients over the edge. It’s fair to say that Pete has no fear and goes beyond the boundaries of personal training; out into the spheres of danger, awkwardness, inappropriateness and hospital emergency rooms. Pete will go to any length to challenge his clients. A challenge they will never forget!

This show is pitched at anyone who has ever wanted to be fitter, stronger, faster or just better! It’s style is a cross between The Office (English Version) and A Moody Christmas. It’s fast, raw, quirky, awkward and leaves you wanting more.

As a team of writers, film-makers and performers, our challenge is to get more Australian comedy up and on to the screen! Australian comedy and sensibility are great defining qualities of our culture and spirit. Aussie humour is quirky, fun, raw, sometimes inappropriate, and best of all, honest. We want more of it and we want to share it with the world. International competition is fierce and with minimal budgets, grants and investment in Oz, Aussie film & television is often under developed. We want to develop COURAGE to the MAX and make sure it goes beyond Australian audiences.

Our stories need to be told and told in our unique comedic way. So that’s why we’re giving it a crack!

Our goal is to produce a genuine Aussie story that is not only funny but, has has HEART. We want people talking about it. Australian stories and the way we tell them are unique. Our story telling has a place. Not just in Australia but internationally. It’s important that we tell Aussie stories to help preserve and further develop our culture. And we’re not talking about off yogurt either.

We started developing this piece in 2009 and since then it has undergone countless drafts, workshops and the production of a short film (Directed by Rob Innes) that has already featured in International Film Festivals in Maine, Oregon, New York, Ireland and even Tahiti (where It has been translated into French!)

Our next goal – is to make a series of web-stings that will be based around our series!  Our script is ready and the series looks to be a cracker! So far we have self-funded all our projects. However, for this project and our pitch to networks, our team are unable to fund it alone. The cost of pre/post-production, filming, cast & crew is significant. Funds generated from Pozible will also allow us to pick up the pace and get COURAGE up and running.

We are scheduled to commence shooting in November, 2015.

We’re excited about these characters and their stories. And we’re really looking forward to you meeting them, empathising and laughing along with them. There is a little bit of Pete in everyone and he just wants a chance to connect.

This is our invitation for you be involved in the film making process of a comedy series that will succeed. We have a rewards program that we have set up. But, we are also open minded to your suggestions on how we can thank you!  Your ideas and contributions are very welcome!

How the funds will be used

Any funds raised will go directly towards the production of a number of web-stings to help sell our series to potential producers and networks. We know that the budget for production will exceed Pete’s budget and our Pozible target. But, we want to be realistic in what we can ask from our generous supporters. If we achieve above our target goal, extra funds raised will still go towards the production in getting the TV series up and running!

Pete says he’ll throw in some extra cash he earned from mowing his Grandmother’s lawn.

Like all our projects, we will source the best creative team, crew and actors to make sure that we get the best product. Most of these are already on board!

We want to shoot using a higher end camera. The hiring of crew, equipment, location fees, catering and even the odd tram will also amount to a lot of money!

Rather than film in 20 locations in as little as 4 days like we’ve already done with our eleven and half minute short film, we would like to have more time to secure the best shots, improve picture quality and secure the best performances. By having some extra funds will allow us more time to make sure we get every facet of this production finely tuned.



Safety, time and acquiring a network producer are our biggest challenges.

Due to the element of danger associated with Pete the Personal Trainer and his unconventional training regimes, safety is always going to be paramount. This combined with shooting on a higher end camera will mean we need more time and money to make sure we get the best shots without anybody getting hurt. Including Pete!

Having our experienced crew, higher quality equipment and ship-shape pre-production, will assist us in achieving the best results; helping us to attract the most appropriate producer! Yiphee!

This project is ambitious and will have its challenges. But with your help, we have no fear!

Luke Stephens


Contact Information:

Luke Stephens
Kat Talbot
Charlotte Elder
Glyn J Gray

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