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Aug 25, 2015 9:01 AM ET

Archived: Wondrwall: has pioneered an intelligent living system that will transform how people live

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 25, 2015






Wondrwall has pioneered an intelligent living system that will transform how people interact with their homes.

Our cutting edge, intuitive technology understands and powers the ecosystem behind the home – it automatically controls the heating, lighting and security and cleverly adapts its home supervision by understanding how people live and behave.

Smart home technology only controls something remotely, intelligent technology controls itself.

No longer is the home just a living space; Wondrwall brings the intelligence of ‘Her’ advanced technology that revolutionises the home, and will allow people to experience a more secure, efficient and convenient style of living.

The future of home automation, today.



Wondrwall is an in-home technology that transforms the entire home into a living, learning ecosystem that understands and adapts to the behaviours of its inhabitants. Offering a new layer of sophisticated intelligence and modern functionality, the technology combines and controls the home’s heating, lighting and security systems, transforming a building into a more energy efficient, convenient and secure home.

Rather than simply offering remote control functionality for home appliances through an app, as many smart technologies do, Wondrwall is designed to be compatible with all existing appliances and circumvents the need for these ‘smart products’. Enabling the home to think intelligently and control all appliances within it, Wondrwall activates and deactivates them as required without needing the user to do anything.

Key Features of the Wondrwall system.

Streamlined Living
Wondrwall is designed to streamline and simplify in-home life by learning from your day-to-day behaviour and routine to predict your in-home activity and needs.
From gradually lighting your bedroom in the morning to wake you up, to predicting your movements to heat and cool rooms throughout your home so they’re at the optimum temperature without using excess energy, the technology turns a house into an intelligent and enabling structure.
We predict that the system will save between 20/25% of energy bills.

Safety and Security
Wondrwall technology heightens home security by using the systems’ audio analytics to identify the sound of smashing glass and automatically activate the siren. Internal lights are flashed and an emergency notification is sent to you and your contacts, all before the intruder has breached the property.

The audio analytics are also used to identify the sound of a smoke alarm, again triggering the siren, flashing the internal lights and sending an emergency notification; taking the response several steps further than a traditional alarm is capable of.



Wondrwall has spent two years developing the system, we have developed the first batch of prototypes which we have used to test and integrate the hardware and software to offer a full solution. The app has been developed to add control to the system and the cloud based system is fully functional.

Wondrwall is in the process of creating a demo home to offer clients the ability to see the solution working in real life.

We believe Wondrwall has in place the technical support team and logistics arrangements in place to deliver the product into the UK and Europe.




The proceeds will be used for manufacturing the hardware which includes the smart fob and also the smart switch and launching the company in the UK and Europe we are working with a PR company to help us establish Wondrwall as technology brand. We are also looking at building the UK sales team who will look to expand the business.


Contact Information:

Paul Fellows
Daniel Burton

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