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Aug 25, 2015 1:31 PM ET

Win a “Horrorfying” Day with Eli Roth & Support Mongabay

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 25, 2015

Win a “Horrorfying” Day with Eli Roth & Support Mongabay



Hey everyone,

My new film, The Green Inferno (out September 25th) is set in the Peruvian Amazon. I had the pleasure of filming there, and the whole experience affected the entire cast and crew very deeply. While my film is a work of fiction, sadly the tragedy of the destruction of the rainforest is all too real, so we have launched this campaign to raise money for, which will not only help the area where we filmed, but the entire Amazon rainforest.

With just a $5 donation you will be entered into the raffle to win a trip to Los Angeles with a friend where you will have lunch with me, followed by a private screening of The Green Inferno.  We can talk about films, filmmaking, the Amazon, life – anything you like, it’s your prize. We’ll also have you visit the set of a CryptTV original production while you’re here. This is not just for fans in the U.S. – the flights can from anywhere in the world for you and your friend and will include a few nights at a hotel.

We also have taken a lot of original props from The Green Inferno and put them are up for sale, and all proceeds will go to Our goal is to save up to 10,000 acres of rainforest and finance 100 articles that can bring vital up-to-date information to millions of people. Many of these prizes are one of a kind, and they are guaranteed for you at designated donation amounts. Claim yours quickly before they’re gone!

Come help us support a great cause, get one of a kind rewards, and possibly end up on a trip to have lunch with me (*note – you will not be on the menu, I promise*).

I hope you will join me in helping this amazing cause, and hope to see you soon in Hollywood.

Thanks so much,

The prize



THE CAUSE is the nonprofit arm of, the popular rainforest information site and a well-known source of environmental news reporting and analysis. Mongabay.orgfacilitates the development of new education and journalism initiatives to raise awareness about social and environmental issues relating to forests and other ecosystems.

With the proceeds of this campaign, Mongabay will establish a journalism fund to produce stories on threats facing indigenous people and forests in the Amazon. Mongabay will also distribute funds to non-profit organizations working with indigenous people to protect forests and cultures in the Peruvian Amazon. The campaign aims to directly conserve at least 20,000 acres of rainforest — an area 24 times the size of New York City’s Central Park — and publish 100 stories that reach upwards of a million people.

The cause

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