Aug 25, 2015 12:00 AM ET

Archived: The Upcoming Web Series ‘Swords Of Insurgency’ Surpasses The Fund Raising Goals, Aims For More

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 25, 2015

The web series ‘Sword of Insurgency’ that has already created quite a buzz over the internet before its release has surpassed its initial fund raising goal of $6000 on Kickstarter.

Inspired by the response people gave to the campaign, the makers now aim to stretch the funding goal to make the series even better. The fictional series is based on the time when the civilization is destroyed by apocalypse and decades after that people live in constant fear of the evil regime.
The world has become like dark ages again, is now ruled by the warlords and people are fighting for domination. Firearms only belong to the powerful and rest is left with no choice but to fight with martial skills.

The captivating plot of the story begins with Abigail, a warrior with a dark past, now imprisoned in a brutal political prison, run by the Emperor Taneg and his son Droll, a demented psychopath with a disturbing infatuation for Abigail. The feeling of rebellion grows inside her as she tries to find a way to escape and discover her place as a human in a world of monsters.

The makers have already completed the pilot episode of the series and it looks quite promising. The pre-release of the episode has received rave reviews from the media. “A high octane martial arts thriller, miles away from any other independent production I have seen in my ventures in the world of indie film-making”, said Luke Abbott from Oracle of Film.

The makers will utilize the additional funding received from the campaign for increasing the quality of the production and add high quality effects to the episodes. The amount raised will also be used to manage the cast and crew; cost of locations, action sequences and the episodes can also be made bigger in duration. Moreover, the problem of limited number of crew will also be resolved with the amount raised which will ensure better quality and time saving.

The script writing, character development, costumes, audio quality, shot variety and other things will be improved if the makers will have enough funding in their hands. The campaign and approximately 20 minutes of the pilot episode can be viewed on Kickstarter, from where the funding will be received to complete this epic story. A variety of perks are also being offered, including a chance to play an extra in the series, to the backers

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Director : Michael Neal
Phone: (703)-220-6445
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