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Aug 25, 2015 4:08 PM ET

Pure – Proactive Health Lose Weight And Medications: 99% Success Rate

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 25, 2015


PureProactive Health is re-programming healthy lifestyles into thousands of kids, adults, and seniors from across the globe with a .  We are aware that our success rate sounds to good to be true and yet we dare you to give us your toughest case. We have perfected proprietary protocols that will quickly transform friends, patients and gym members into happier, healthier and lighter raving fans. If not we will refund them no questions asked. Yes, we really do this. Our confidence is high and for the less than 1% we can’t help we simply point them in a different direction. The current paradigm is faulted and we have figured out why and tackled it head on. Are you stuck thinking it’s all about move more and eat less, or our nations lack of will power? We know better. An app won’t make you eat your veggies and shakes give us the shakes.  Our mission is to elevate your lifestyle while removing the grip of excess weight, poor sleep, a depressed mood and an endless list of medications. It’s a contrarian approach based upon sound science. We have a secret sauce. Our average client loses 8% of their body weight within the first three weeks.  Weight loss is just a healthy indication that your body is being nourished. It’s the normalizing blood labs and other benefits that provide the undisputable data of your success. No other program even comes close to our program completion rate and the level of sustainable transformations our clients experience cause quite the social media buzz.  

We have a client engagement methodolgy that ignites baby step behavior modifications while producing dramatic results along with a sustainable lifestyle.  It’s a constant, education, accountability and engagement system to meet the demands of your health history and current lifestyle.


We have already helped over 3,500 people lose weight and drop medications through a physician engineered, remotely-coached lifestyle modification program. Our less than 1% failure rate allows us to offer a no hassles, no gimmicks guarantee. We are the no-brainer choice to start the new happier, healthier, and lighter you.  

At PureProactive Health, our product is healthy people.

Every new client refers at least three new clients within just a few weeks of starting their transformation.  With these metrics you might ask why are we are raising capital? The answer is we need to advance our technology tools to support the demand.  Our clients have given us five star google reviews and we are determined to keep it that way. We have purposely throttled back our growth to respect the integrity of our mission. 










Losing weight is necessary to reduce the risk and grip of a wide range of illness and disease. The current paradigm of “move more and eat less” is what drives commercial plans. These plans have over 90% failure rate. Relying on technology and apps with no engagement or accountability only guarantees your failure will tracked and in your face. Our clients are tired, stressed and have no time for fads or failure. We provide an easy to follow, day by day approach that produces healthy and dramatic results. Our high touch and expert guidance is affordable and geared for long term sustainablility. We are so confident we gaurantee your success. 


Individuals were in need of a different approach to defeating this global epidemic and it needed to be affordable, convenient and sustainable. We have nailed it.

The reason “move more, eat less” doesn’t work? There’s no personalization. We’re all different, and each of us have different stressors and different needs. No commercial program constructs a program to help you overcome your personal barriers,  and yet if these barriers that will stop over 90% of the attempts to get healthy dead in their tracks. We work with clients that have high blood pressure and diabetes to the fitness enthuisast looking to go to the next level.  The basis foundation of your vitality is what you put in it.  This has to be customized to meet your specfic body type and current needs.


We don’t serve up miracle pills, we create lifestyle programs
specifically designed to accommodate your exact needs.




What’s this lifestyle program called? The Fresh Start Program.
There are  to the program:


Three weeks of one-on-one time with our wellness experts who will work with you to create a customized schedule of meals, sleep, and other dietary concerns. We provide you a supplement kit, wellness guide, and cookbook to aid in your journey to a fresh start. Your coach will hold you accountable through text messages regarding weight updates and pictures of your meals. Our average client drops 8% of their body weight in these first three weeks and reduces medications.


While Nourish was highly focused on diet, Move is our second level (also 3 weeks) which pairs a fitness plan with advanced food optimization. 99% of our customers choose to enroll in this level after completing Nourish. We arm you with supplements geared to meet the demand of fitness, a new guide, and an enhanced cookbook. After all, your health is progressing, and so should your program.


Level three is a lifestyle maintenance system. By this point, you’ve got your diet under control, you’ve eased into a fun exercise regime that works for your schedule, and you just need to keep the momentum going. As with the other two levels, you have choices in Thrive for supplement packages and and ongoing expert coaching. We’ll help you discover the food, fuel and exercise that will help you reach even higher levels of health. 


We’re so confident in our program that we allow our clients
to try it out for one-week risk-free.  




High Patient Engagement
Our Uber-esque platform pairs you with one of our certified program experts anywhere on the planet. Your expert has the experience to make sure you arrive at your wellness destination. You will also be connected to a social support group of other like minded users.


Can Be Done From Anywhere in the World
No matter where you are in the world, you can bring your PureProactive Health expert with you. We don’t ship you food, just guides, cookbooks and plant based support supplements. As long as you can send and receive text messages and go grocery shopping, PureProactive Health is in full effect.


Lifestyle Change
This isn’t a diet it’s a discovery of the growing community active healthy people. Think of it like joining the Harley Davidson community. You’re not just buying a motorcycle, you’re now a member of a club that means something. You’re in.


99% Success Rate
Plain and simple, PureProactive Health is the most
effective and efficient way to be successful in turning
your life around. Our Waze-esque data collection platform further enhances our knoweldge base from our experts and our users. That means we evolve everyday.


Since our launch in 2011, PureProactive Health has gained
over through a number of avenues:



Through all these sales channels, we have seen profit margins between 50 and 70 percent. Since our start in 2011, we’ve generated millions of dollars in total revenue while only working on PureProactive Health part-time.

Our success and bright future is undeniable at this point, which is why we need funding to kick this production into high gear. We have a long list of clients waiting for our services, but need to expand the team to accommodate all of them. Please see the Business Plan tab of this profile for all funding information.



Up next: While we currently offer coaching and supplements, we plan to capture the full wellness spectrum very soon. This includes products like:

(cleanser, moisturizer, anti-aging serum)

(scales, sleep & fitness tracking)

(teas & dressings)

This opens up a potential $6.6 trillion market worldwide for PureProactive Health.

Before onboarding all the clients in the waiting list, we need to invest in technology to bolster our infrastructure with an enterprise software solution for clients, coaches, sales, marketing, and management. This will allow us to scale up in coaches and clients while supercharging the client’s experience, all while lowering our costs and maximizing our revenue growth.  Five year financials and five year projections available upon request.



Prior to launching PureProactive Health, Dr. William Ferro founded and operated thirty cutting edge physical medicine clinics attached to health clubs in seven states. He is a well-respected health and fitness industry insider with a profound commitment to producing happy, healthier, and lighter people.  


Valerie Mauro left behind business management at SAP to follow her passion for helping others. Her lengthy corporate resume and her project management experience has made her an integral part in building a better client experience. In anticipation of our growth, she has been immersed in creating the coaching operational system, client experience, increasing client spend, and improving efficiencies.

Contact Information:

William Ferro
Valerie Mauro

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