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Aug 25, 2015 10:50 AM ET

Archived: Love my Lotto: a profitable UK-based professional lottery syndicate organiser company

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 25, 2015

Love my Lotto

Love my Lotto


The Idea

Keynote Introduction:

  • Love my Lotto is a digital web based business that operates in the reputed £200 Billion worldwide Lottery industry.
  • Our business model is to attract subscribers and bundle them into syndicates under various recurring monthly subscription plans designed to offer numerous monthly jackpot opportunities in lottery draws.
  • High profit margin product with recurring monthly subscriptions.
  • According to Camelot, 1 in every 6 Jackpots and 1 in every 4 National Lottery Jackpots are won by syndicates.
  •  Our business is established as an organiser and manager of Lottery Syndicates and the Love my Lotto brand has already good online visibility.
  • In our opinion as the Company utilises existing well known lottery brands in its syndicates, the company’s money is never at risk.
  • The Company has no direct competition to the best of our knowledge. 
  • The Company is on the verge of launching an odds-busting new syndicate structure for the mega-jackpot EuroMillions lottery game.
  • Monthly cash profit now being achieved month on month.
  • Bespoke front and back office systems, independently valued at £300,000.
  • Love my Lotto is managed by the two founding directors, John Wiley and Brent Harding who have between them over 60 years of successful development of gaming businesses.
  • The Directors have previous experience of successfully developing a gaming business and negotiating its multi-million trade sale to a listed gaming company.
  • Both Directors have substantial equity in the business.
  • We believe this is a fantastic opportunity to be in at the start of our major international expansion programme.
  • Other innovative and lead generation games in development.

The following information explains in more detail:

  • Who we are and what we do.
  • How we make our profits. (see the “The Market” in the next section).
  • Our sensational new game.
  • Our global ambitions.
  • The incredible bonus offer that will accompany your investment.*
  • Use of funds.

What we do:

In the short period of time that lovemylotto.com has been operational, we have developed a successful product and a business model that is proven to work, and makes a profit, the company also has assets, and importantly is supported by a team of people, all of whom have vast experience in the gaming industry, 

We discovered that although the lottery market is reputed to be worth nearly £200 billion pound a year worldwide, and although millions of people like to play in syndicates, the later demonstrated by Camelot operators of both the UK National lottery and the EuroMillions jackpot game, who frequently advertise that one in six of Lotto jackpots and one in four National Lottery Jackpots are won by syndicates, yet we found that no one was exploiting the market, no one was providing an easy, safe and reliable way in which to join a syndicate. 

Love my lotto was therefore developed specifically to fill that void, utilising existing household named lottery products, we bundle them into pre-determined packages, and sell them to individual lottery players for a fixed recurring monthly subscription.

For example our Gold syndicates contain 56 entries in the EuroMillions draw, 56 entries in the Millionaire Maker raffle, 56 entries in the UK Lotto draw each month, and a £1 million a day draw, that’s nearly 200 draws a month, all for only £36 a month.

Our main marketing impetus will continue through social media and affiliates.

In order to provide a fully automated experience we built our own website and back office that automatically provides all the information required to be a lottery player’s “one stop shop”, that also accurately records all transactions for both auditing and Gambling Commission inspection purposes.

In a nutshell, we sell individual spaces in pre-determined syndicates, safely and securely, at very reasonable cost, which offers to change people’s lives, hence our tag-line “Win the Dream”.

New Game;

In tandem with the rollout of our existing business model, we also intend to introduce to the market our new syndicate version of the EuroMillions game. “EuroMillions 55” as the name might suggest the game has 55 lines of play, and as the game is played twice a week each week, all of our syndicates have 110 lines of play.

Amazingly this new syndicate game dramatically alters the odds of winning the EuroMillions jackpot in favour of our syndicate players. Camelot quotes the odds of winning the EuroMillions jackpot as 1 in 116 million, Playing in the exact same game with us in our EuroMillions 55 syndicated game the odds of one of our syndicates winning the same multi-million pound jackpot are staggeringly reduced to just over two million to one!

Consider the following;

There are two people that regularly play the EuroMillions lottery:Player A; Queues to buy their entry tickets from their local store and buys an average of three tickets each draw, sometimes when there is a big rollover, they buy more, therefore they spend on average about £52 a month and get 24 play entries, sometimes they forget to buy them, then rush out in all sorts of weather to get them, or sit out the evening waiting for the results, petrified that their numbers will come up on the very night they forgot to get their tickets. Some evenings when the results are announced, they think they see some numbers they recognise, but then cannot remember where they put their ticket. Panic! Having searched the house, gone through their pockets, looked down the side of their settee, they find it, only to find that with the odds of 116 million to one against them, they have not won, they screw up their ticket and throw it away, often without checking the Millionaire Maker raffle! 

Player B; Joins a EuroMillions 55 syndicate on-line where for only £40 a month, saving £12 a month compared to Player A, they get 440 entry lines, that’s 416 more than Player A, and safe in the knowledge that playing with odds drastically in their favour compared to Player A; lovemylotto.com has done everything for them, bought the tickets, scanned them into each of the relative syndicates secure private access area, checked all the results including the Millionaire Maker raffle, put the results on our website and social media sites, informed all winning syndicate players by e-mail of how much they have won, and put the winnings into the players personal account wallet. In our opinion there really is no contest! 

In addition our algorithmic formula not only reduces the odds by a massive amount but also guarantees the following:

  • Whatever numbers are drawn our EuroMillions 55 syndicate will have both the star numbers needed to win the jackpot,
  • It will also have 18 single star numbers, improving chances of winning some of the lesser prizes
  • And at least 25 main numbers in every draw (Love My Lotto algorithm, please stress test for yourself by requesting our business plan!)

Improving your syndicates chances of picking up a share of the lesser prizes, and all for only £40 a month! This formula has been created by love my lotto and applies to the EuroMillions 55 game irrespective of your location or in which country you reside.

EuroMillions 55 will have its own independent website, EuroMillions55.com and will be marketed separately to our standard syndicate model products, it will however, have cross references and links between all our new websites. Also by playing with us, those outside of the UK will also participate in the Millionaire Maker raffle, not normally available elsewhere, and all prize money pay-outs in the UK are free of tax, which is not the case in some other countries.

We believe this genuinely has the potential to be an amazing international sensation.


Global ambitions:

We have initially concentrated our operation on the UK but now aim to roll out country specific models into other European countries and then other parts of the world. As our existing syndicate packages contain a number of entries in the EuroMillions jackpot game, we believe that our expansion programme should initially concentrate on the countries that currently participate in that game, specifically France and Spain, and then other high priority countries such as Germany and Italy.

By combining a local national lottery game together with EuroMillions we believe that in Europe alone we can target as many as 26 different countries. Love my Lotto has already secured a number of other country specific domain names, for example lovemylotto.fr,(France), lovemylotto.es(Spain), and many more, these websites together with our EuroMillions 55 game will form the backbone of our ongoing expansion.

Can residents of all these other countries play in our syndicates? Yes! Because all tickets are acquired by us in the UK, and we share any prize money with those members registered in the winning syndicates.

There are massive opportunities to expand our business throughout the world.

Use of funds;

  • Completing and launching the odds busting EuroMillions 55 game.
  • Enhancing and translating the website and back office to accomodate all new international games.
  • Develop a mobile application.
  • Increase depth of UK marketing and internationally through affiliate marketing companies to key Euro lottery countries :France, Spain. Germany: Italy and others.
  • Obtaining a UK gaming licence to improve access to on-line merchant services and allow the extension of other high profit games and currencies.
  • Develop loyalty schemes.
  • Implementation, operating and testing costs.
  • New website, modern, attractive with a clutter free experience



Contact Information:

John Wiley
Brent Harding

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