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Aug 25, 2015 3:00 PM ET

Archived: Jungle Love Festival 2015: Music & Arts Festival

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 25, 2015

Jungle Love Festival 2015

The story of the project

First line-up announced! Head to www.junglelovefestival.com.au

We’re ready to return for another year.  Returning to Imbil, over November 27-28

Our first year went amazingly well and we’ve worked our arses off to make this year’s bigger and better, but we need help to make it happen.

At the heart of the Jungle Love is a passion for thrilling live performance and out of a labour of love, we seek out and curate a program of acts that we’re confident will impress. Some you may have heard of, some you mightn’t, but we think you’ll really enjoy what we deliver. 
We’re over the moon with the line-up we’ve achieved for this one. The line-up is mostly made up of a lot of the outstanding talent from Brisbane and South East Queensland but there’s also some incredible interstate acts on the bill. Last year we had one main music stage and this year we have four stages, all providing different experiences. 

And we’re at a brand new venue in the Sunshine Coast/Gympie hinterland at Borumba Deer Park in Imbil. The new site is absolutely lush, imagine where the main stages are there is a not too deep creek, in a valley and with plenty of trees. We’ve been really enjoying working with the site managers who are excited to have all of us, so it’s very important that we respect them and the land and take extra special care to keep it clean and tidy. 

As we like to do things, it’s BYO though we have to stress that there is no glass containers of any kind allowed. 
We’re also going to have a couple of bars on site this year to give you the option but the rules have to be that no BYO in the bar and no taking drinks out kind of thing. but otherwise, the whole site and the whole campgrounds is BYO 🙂

We’re really making a thing of the food this time, like proper amazing food at a festival. All food will be catered by Kettle and Tin (Paddington) and Lost Boys (The Valley)

But saving the best til last, the greatest thing about Jungle Love is the people that come. There is a certain vibe about the group of people that come together to celebrate life, music, the arts and friendship. Since holding Jungle Love, the first Concrete Jungle at Serafini Chains and then the second Concrete Jungle being forced to move to a licensed venue in the last minute, what we’ve learned is that it doesn’t matter where this goes, there’s always that same, infectious good vibe which from what we’ve observed seems to have a positive effect on people’s lives after the event, and that is the ultimate goal for us.

We greatly need your help to make this happen and I’m sure there’s many people that want to make this happen, but we all need to be proactive and tell people about this festival if it’s going to be a reality. Let’s do it!

This project is supported by SAE/Qantm, AAA Backstage, 4ZZZ, Sailor Jerry, Stone and Wood, Ironlak, Audiolab, 

Jungle Love Festival is 18+

How the funds will be used

Last year we aimed to raise 15k through Pozible, then we sourced the rest of the funding through ticket sales and in total, the festival cost us about 60k to put on and we achieved that. 
This year, everything’s expanding and the cost to put on this year’s festival is approximately 140k. We’re having 4 music stages this year of varying sizes, our insurances have gone up, our marketing budget has to go up and so on. But for good reason. It’s going to be a whole level up.

If we reach the pozible target, we’re very confident we’ll obtain the rest of the funds needed through ticket sales between the end of the campaign and the festival. But we need this initial kick to make it happen.
We’re sure that if we reach this initial target within the 30 days, we will then make enough between then and the festival to pull the whole thing off.



The biggest challenge that we can foresee with the second Jungle Love is a general consensus among people that it’s automatically going to happen again this year. The reason it worked last year is because so many people got behind it, shared the event and told their friends about it. We need that same level of passion from those that support what we do and then some. 
Contact Information:

Raymond Williams
Lincoln Savage

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