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Aug 24, 2015 7:00 AM ET

Archived: Visual Effects Veteran, “Godzilla,” “Independence Day,” To Produce Practical Effects Indie Throwback

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 24, 2015

BURBANK, CA (August 24, 2015) – The Visual Effects (VFX) veteran who’s work includes “GODZILLA,” “INDEPENDENCE DAY” and “STAR TREK,” announced today that his new Sci Fi action thriller, “ALL THINGS,” will be a nod to the practical effects style of filmmaking. Richard J. Cook, under his Oculus Entertainment company, will produce and direct the alien genre film slated for Summer 2016.

Cook, an Academy Award winning team member for Visual Effects on “INDEPENDENCE DAY,” says, “I believe computer generated visual effects were best used to augment practical effects. For me, what’s exciting about “ALL THINGS” is I’m going to integrate the computer graphics (CG) with the prosthetics. We did that a lot on “GODZILLA” (1998). We went to Patrick Tatopoulos’ office, his creature shop, and watched hours of footage of lizards to see how they would naturally move and react, and we’d try to mimic that. So Patrick, being a practical guy, was showing us how to make CG move. It all starts with the practical.”

“ALL THINGS” follows college dropout, Claire, who finds herself hunted by horrifying alien creatures after being separated from her environmental protection group during her first forest training mission. Through her ordeal she uncovers their disturbing agenda and realizes she has a self-sacrificing destiny.

Cook will be crowd-sourcing funds to raise $50,000 to finish development and commence production on the film using rewards/equity crowdfunding portal Indiegogo. The donor fundraising campaign is set to launch September 1, 2015 (oculusent.com/allthings).

About Oculus Entertainment – Oculus Entertainment (oculusent.com) is a media creator in Burbank, CA, spanning film, television, and digital arenas. It’s owner and CEO, Richard J. Cook, established the company in 2013 following a veteran career in VFX Production. The company’s success is owing to a well built network of industry professionals committed to producing quality entertainment.





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