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Aug 24, 2015 4:33 PM ET

Archived: Land of Fire from Bostok, an Alternative Metal band whose headquarters are in Castalla, Alicante, Spain

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 24, 2015

Bostok is an Alternative Metal band whose headquarters are in Castalla, Alicante, Spain, Europe, planet Earth; very simple. We’re a group of five people between 20 and 21 years old, and our meeting point is music or, more concretely, Metal. We have decided to face this project more seriously, with a professional recording and all that it carries: a good mastering, a music video, promotion, merchandising… We do believe in our project and that’s why we want to record an LP to have more possibilities. So, we simply invite you to believe in us and participate in our quest, you won’t regret in the future!


For those who are not very familiarised with the term crowdfunding, it is a campaign in which people can contribute and they receive the appropriate reward in return. However, it is not only that. We really want to get a step further and make feel the participants that they are part of our project. To do so, we will offer some exclusive content from our band for those who participate, and we will inform every day about the process. We want all to be Bostok. Will you join us?


Why Land of Fire?

Concerning the whole album, if we can mention an idea as the basis, it would be that the album represents part of our thoughts, worries, and experiences we have lived. Generally, their negative part prevails, but we also have some lines with encouraging messages. To sum up, we can say that the whole LP represents a part of what we are.


What are the funds for?

We will ensure our total transparency in this aspect. We don’t want to trick anybody. The contributions of this crowdfunding will be used to finance principally the recording of the album, the mastering, and the physical copies. We have set our aim in €2000 because we think it’s the minimum quantity that allows us to begin our project in a serious way. We must highlight that Ulule receives a 8% of the money, plus the 21% of VAT. Our aims are the following:


-LP recording in ‘El Sótano Estudios’: €1000 

-Mastering: €600-1000 

-150 CD physical copies in Rock CD: €200-500 depending on the format.

-Lyric video: €200-300, depending on the style of the video.

-Music video: undetermined, depending on the kind of video we make.

-Promotion and merchandising: undetermined, but we all know, the more we do, the better it is.


Then, we’ll have to work hard on the promotion and the music video, so we don’t want only to get off scot-free, as the promotion can be very expensive. In conclusion, we have to say that the more contributions we get in this crowdfunding, the better it will be, and we will spend more money in the promotion to arrive to everybody! We believe in you and, if you believe in us, you won’t regret!


About the rewards

As you may suppose, depending on your contribution you’ll have access to a certain reward or others. We will have the prototypes soon so you will be able to see how they are exactly. It is also possible to contribute without any rewards.

Concerning the deliveries, you’ll have the national or international delivery options (depending on where you want to receive it). We’ll contact you after the crowdfunding to send your reward. Some rewards don’t have the delivery option given that they don’t need or given that we will deliver it personally in the programmed event.

Contact Information:

Manel Espinosa Berenguer

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