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Aug 24, 2015 3:51 PM ET

Archived: GWI. LLC: Bid, Buy, Sell

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 24, 2015




START-UP, Multi-vendor/ shopping/ bidding/ make offer/ buy now/ anti-sniping geared to grab market share. Responsive software, and anxious to start.
$15k spend on development. Ready to go. Note: We will not go to market without ALL funds in Escrow.

Online Multi-vendor Shopping/ bidding/ make offer/ anti-sniping, responsive platform is looking for serious investors. Responsive software Ebay does not have. Amount needed as first round = 700K. We will accept a pool of investors to share 25% respective to individual amounts invested. 2 year operational cost = $2M. Once the FULL amount needed is secured in Escrow we will commence (condition of contract). Federally Trademarked and own the dot.com domain. Turnkey site ready to go. NO debt and own all software outright.
We will present Executive Expenditures Summary to qualified investors. Milestone funding accepted. If you are skilled in this type business and can invest, we will add you to the team should you so desire. Online Shopping is a $250B. Market ANNUALLY with 35% annual growth. 1% of Amazon’s gross revenue in 2014 would be $800M, with a 10-15% net revenue margin. This means $80+ Million annually at just ONE percent of Amazon’s revenue. Amazon revenue is increasing by +/- $20M rate for the last 4 years. Amazon has no bidding as an option, we do. This is serious money. We have market strategy in place however we all ears for your expertise as well. For 2 years max no liquid would be seen as we WILL bootstrap and invest all liquid revenue BACK into the Company to further propel it to success and excel it’s worth, however, options to go public with high IPO would be the goal and offered once Company growth and worth justifies. This way investors could pull out liquid WITHIN 2 years. Investors are preferred to be “accredited” however we are confident in this venture and will consider non-accredited investors as well that has a meaningful portfolio. For more information and EXECUTIVE EXPENDITURE SUMMARY CONTACT US NOW. Provide email for this pls. Previous investments in Companies NOT necessary however we must know you are comfortable investing the amounts you state you can. Are you a serious investor? Pledge investment today. Round table request, no problem.

Products / Services

All products except (see below)

You can open a STORE within GOOGABOX.COM and be a store owner, selling anything you like, however there are articles/ services/ items NOT permitted to be sold on GOOGABOX, such as pornography/ animals/ prescription or illegal drugs of any kind or any UNLAWFUL items or information. Compare-able business model to EBAY, however we will also focus on real estate bidding and hotel room bidding. You also do not HAVE TO open a STORE if you simply would like to sell items using our bidding system, in which case simply join us as a member and start selling without opening a store. We have anti-sniping as an option for vendors with a click. Ebay is frustrating when it comes to sniping. see the bottom of our pages on website for full explanation of anti-sniping. Vendors makes MAX monies with this tool and buyers are not frustrated getting outbid in the last minute on an item they have bid on for days. We have the skills, the tools and the name, now all we need is fame. LET’S GO!

Contact Information:

Andre Rosouw
Linda Wagner

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