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Aug 24, 2015 8:10 AM ET

Archived: Elegantbox Sweden AB: a s-commerce service based in Sweden where customers get a surprising monthly treat for every month

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 24, 2015

Elegantbox Sweden AB

Our Business

The s-commerce (Subscription commerce) business comes from the e-commerce business and is one of the fastest growing e-commerce businesses in the world.

One can see a wide range of subscription services on the Internet, but none of them is growing in such fast and positive pace as cosmetics and beauty products. In fact, the beauty product category is the leading one of them all.

Elegantbox is a s-commerce service based in Sweden where customers get a surprising monthly treat for every month. An exclusive box filled with a minimum of five beauty products each month for a minimum value of 500 SEK (€50).

Elegantbox is unique in it´s own concept as we guarantee a product value over 500 SEK (€50) in each box and at the same time focus on a full size product range. This is different from most of the competition on the market as they generally focus on sample and travel size products only.

In most cases we get the products free of charge from our suppliers, as they at the same time get effective marketing. The products gets right into the hands of our subscribers who also later can purchase one or several of the products they like.

This means that we significantly can keep down our costs and at the same time get a high profit.

In this way Elegantbox is unique and has therefore taken a lot of market shares in Sweden only after 6 months.


Business Model

With Elegantbox the customer gets a surprise each month, an exclusive box filled with a minimum of five beauty products from brands all over the world.

The customers gets to treat themselves each month and at the same time find their new favorite product without spending all their money on retail prices.

The suppliers of beauty products are using Elegantbox as powerful marketing tool and therefore often provide us with their products for free. This type of marketing would otherwise been very expensive for them which they are fully aware of.

We provide them with a highly valued strategic marketing plan, which also gives them marketing exposure on social medias including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and blogs.

In addition to the exposure and marketing, the suppliers also get their products directly into the hands of the subscribers / customers.

What problem are we solving?

Customers / subscribers want to expand their knowledge about beauty products and also find new favorites. Today the customers have to purchase fully sized products without knowing what they get. How can customers explore new products just to find out that it will fit their needs and requirements, without purchase for retail prices?

The suppliers / cosmetic brands want to expand their business and at the same time reach as many people as possible. How can they do this in a more effective way without printed marketing?

How can they get people to try their products for real? What are the most effective way to make people to like their product?

Why Elegantbox?

With Elegantbox, customers get to try new products and find their new favorites. They don´t have to visit every store and spend both time and money, just to get a small sample to try.

With Elegantbox this comes right to your front door.

That the monthly box is a surprise, just adds extra excitement to the experience.

With Elegantbox the suppliers get their products into the hands of the customer. A customer who are interested in exploring new beauty products. What could be more effective marketing then actually present the products to the customers and let them try it. At the same time as they are getting publicity on Facebook, Instagram and blogs. Publicity they otherwise would have to pay for.

Contact Information:

Andreas Ridderstad

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