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Aug 24, 2015 2:38 PM ET

Archived: Butterfly: a meditative psychological drama about a man who is plagued by a drink driving hit and run accident from his past that was unknowingly caused by a butterfly

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 24, 2015


The story of the project

Butterfly is a meditative psychological drama about a man who is plagued by a drink driving hit and run accident from his past that was unknowingly caused by a butterfly, until one day he decides to seek redemption for the choices he has made and progress through his cocoon of guilt and emerge as the butterfly, affording him a chance to change his past.

The film is essentially about the moments in life that shape who we are, the ones we have control over and the ones we don’t.

The target audience for this film is everyone… well, everyone who is willing to look behind the curtain and reach the conclusion that life is but a series of moments… moments that can spawn an incalculable amount of different paths and shouldn’t be dismissed purely as chance.

The reason I want to make this film lies in its central theme of how every person’s life has a series of domino-like events that end up shaping our very core. I refuse to believe in everything being completely random and like to believe there is a certain order to thing that perhaps science cannot yet explain. The film is contemplative and to an extent, non- linear. I have a crystalline vision of how I would make this film and have assembled a very dedicated, hard working and talented team of people that will make this vision a reality.

As a Swinburne University graduate film ,we are looking to raise roughly half of the budget through Pozible and fund the other half ourselves. So any donation, large or small (preferably large) can help make this ambitious task a whole lot easier.

The film is being produced by Brooke Guy, being shot by the very talented Tavis Pinnington, being edited by the enigmatic Ed Richards and our resident Sound Farmer is Chris Cochrane-Friedrich.

Many of the crew have collaborated before on various projects which will evince a higher standard of efficiency and overall quality of final product.

Artwork and Graphic Design by Cosmo Feltham and William Rosenfeldt 


How the funds will be used

* $250 transport reimbursement– petrol

* $1500 New Zealand Trip (Flights $250 each, $300 tour, $100
transport, $300 accommodation, $100 food, $200 gear hire)

* $500 catering

* $500 production design/costume

* $500 VFX/ Live Butterfly

* $1000 grading

* $500 Hard drives

* $1000 Locations

*$250 Generator and Smoke Machine Hire

* $2250 External Lens Hire – Cooke S4 Prime Lens Kit

= $8,250

Some of my other work

Director of Photography – Prickly Pears ( Short FIlm ) 2014 – Directed by Almo Troup
Director of Photography – Nest ( Short Film ) TBA – Directed by Almo Troup

Director – Angel of the Gap ( Documentary ) 2014  


  The most challenging aspect of Butterfly is the location shoot in New Zealand. The shoot will take place in the Waitomo region of the North Island famous for it’s serene landscapes and intricate cave systems. Seeing as we are shooting the rest of the film on the Arri Alexa, we had the initial roadblock of figuring out how to take it over in a cost-effective way. We eventually realised the near impossibility of doing so on a shoestring budget. We settled on the use of a Canon A7s with a Shogun Atomos 4K Recorder and lens choices to match the footage to the rest of the film.
Contact Information:

Fraser Fitzy Pemberton
Tavis Pinnington
Edward Richards

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