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Aug 24, 2015 6:36 AM ET

Archived: Bizzler Corporation: produces entertaining video & graphic ads for promoting products and services on the internet & mobile devices

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 24, 2015

Bizzler Corporation

Bizzler produces entertaining video & graphic ads for promoting products and services on the internet & mobile devices. This is accomplished by using Crowdsourcing to obtain an ongoing stream of creative content at a fraction of the cost typically required for producing advertising material. Part of the savings is passed along to clients, allowing Bizzler to maintain a healthy competitive edge while operating in the $52B advertising market dominated by conventional production methods.

Crowdsourced content has proven to be highly effective and acceptable by national brands, as evidenced by many popular online ads and past Superbowl commercials. We take the same crowdsourcing approach used by a few innovative brands (e.g. Doritos) and apply it to a wide variety of products and services. Our reach to the world internet user base (currently estimated at 2.4B) is driven by Amazon’s Cloud technology, our patent-pending website and an expanding focus on social marketing.

Our vision is to become the nation’s leading supplier of video ads and leverage this capability to expand into related business areas. For example, we plan to launch a new division next year that will specialize in using video ads to promote products/services through social websites. This will provide a means for our existing clients to maximize the value of their Crowdsourced ads and give Bizzler a built-in client base for the new business entity. In addition, the marketing service will be offered as a standalone service to companies looking for a means to promote their offerings via social media, fueling growth of the new marketing division and creating sales connections for the ad generation business.

Our website & team are ready to go and we have the networking in place for capturing new business at the executive level from a long list of major brands. We are seeking $1M in Series A equity financing to use primarily for starting operations and launching an aggressive sales and marketing campaign.


Products / Services

Entertaining Video Ads

Bizzler holds online public competitions to create entertaining video ads for corporate clients. The client provides design guidelines and receives; 1) rights to winning entries, 2) option to purchase non-winning entries for a nominal fee, and 3) feedback received from the public during the contest.

Video Production Supplies

Bizzler offers affiliate products that support the creation and production of video ads. Hyperlinks to the associated websites are embedded in Bizzler’s ads, blogs and tutorials. A commission is automatically generated when viewers purchase products after using a Bizzler link to enter an affiliate website.

Contact Information:

Tom Sims

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