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Aug 24, 2015 3:18 PM ET

Adventure with Purpose Fundraiser for Divemaster JP

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 24, 2015

Adventure with Purpose Fundraiser for Divemaster JP

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Everybody that likes diving; dives for a specific reason, some like the thrill of the unknown, the little fish, the color of the water and some to face fears…. And with everyone pursuing this adventure you need to entrust your joy, safety and experience into the hands of a well qualified Divemaster and / or Instructor to lead you and guide you on the most incredible journey!

JP is not only very passionate about diving, but he is also very passionate about the smaller details such as why his clients are diving, how they started diving and their own journey. He takes a lot of pride in acquiring a high standard of skills and he does not hold back in pursuing this dream.

His professional back-ground is finding unique solutions in the field of Web Development, Flash and action scripting, Web Design, Animation and Programming, but a few years ago he was given a great opportunity to travel to France, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand…. That is when his desire and calling for a profession in Diving really started to fuel his new personal and professional goal of becoming a Divemaster and Eventually Padi Certified Diving Instructor.

What makes him different is that he falls in the small percentage of individuals that broke the mould and did everything he possibly could to reach this goal. He took the risk and moved to Thailand.

The Adventure begins… JP has recently qualified as a Divemaster and has been given great confidence with his practical experience and encouragement by his seniors to continue his diving qualifications. This is where dreams become reality and with reality comes planning and finances. JP is not only busy working online for a Software Development company in South Africa (6 hours a day) but uses all his free time to deliver professional and exceptional service to diving students at Blueview Divers on Phi Phi Island in Thailand. He is putting all he has, mentally and physically,into securing enough funds for his course that is due to start in October 2015.

He is not asking for funds, but I would like to be a voice to help this exceptional young man to LIVE HIS CALLING. I had the great privilege of sharing some of my own adventures with him doing rock-climbing, hiking, bicycle trips around rural parts of Satun province in Thailand. He cares deeply for people, especially those sharing his passion for diving. I, myself, have a great fear of water and he has given me the courage to float around in the shallow waters pointing out the fish. I am still on my own journey to try diving hopefully soon… very soon!

So with this campaign, I would like to raise the funds for his Padi Instructor Diving Course, Instructors Exam (IE), Padi IDC Materials / Manuals and assistance with some basic living expenses and Medical Insurance cover ( Estimated around 85,000 ThaiBaht).

Please look at the website below for a better understanding of what the course entails and who knows it might even inspire you to follow your own dreams… or encourage a loved one to reach their own CALLING….…

I humbly thank you for taking the time to read this campaign!! And would like to thank you in advance for your kindness and donations!

To view some more of his adventures:

*Note: If you do have any issues donating please read this:

To donate using credit card you will still need to select the “Checkout with PayPal”button because PayPal as a service will still handle the card payment even if you are not a PayPal user. You will not need to register for a PayPal account.

When the Login to your PayPal account screen appears you will notice a small link at the bottom of the page stating “buy as guest” which will allow you to make a card payment.

If you still have any issues and really want to make a donation, please email JP at[email protected] and he can send you his bank account details directly.

Thank you very much!


Contact Information:

Gerne Swanepoel

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