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Aug 23, 2015 8:34 AM ET

Kilted : to help get funding to take our amazing eco friendly candle business forward, Your help will allow us to purchase extra materials

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 23, 2015

Kilted Candles

Kilted Candles


About the project

Firstly let me thank you for taking the time out to read about my project.

My project started just a few months ago, It all began when i lost my job, I was looking for a hobby to keep me occupied and a walk round a local shop i saw a candle making kit, I never thought for a minute that it would turn in to something quite exciting but it has.

I made some new eco friendly candles for some family members which took my mind off being out of work.

The candles were a success and i was told that i should try and make them to sell.

However being out of work i can’t raise the money required to make them as a business, This is where i am pitching my idea to the crowd in the hope that people like my project and can help me take it forward.

The name of the business will be called Kilted Candles

The business will manufacture and create a range of eco friendly candles using a wide range of amazing scents.

Your help will really help us to manufacture, sell and grow much faster than it would take using normal menthods of finding financial support.

As a way of saying thank you to each and every backer we receive, We will send a range of samples directly to you, You will also be abel to keep updated on our progress through a Facebook page that we will set up, We will also use Twitter as a means of attracting new customers and keeping people updated on the latest products and progress were making.

We have set a target of £10,000 which would be a massive help towards buying supplies but the more you help us raise the more we can improve and grow sales, If we achieve over our target then we will be in a position to look at a small unit where we can manufacture much easier, At the moment our products are made from home. We would also be able to have a website made which would bring in online sales.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our project, I would love nothing more than seeing our project get funded and everyone joining us on our amazing journey.

Thank You from Kilted Candles.


Contact Information:

Scott Davidson

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