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Aug 23, 2015 4:44 PM ET

Archived: BROKEN Movie -Matched Dollar4Dollar

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 23, 2015

BROKEN Movie -Matched Dollar4Dollar


Welcome to the official BROKEN Feature Film Pozible Campaign! I’m so excited about this film, which I began writing 3 years ago, and am finally hoping to direct and film this summer!

The budget for BROKEN is $13000. In order to raise this I pledge to MATCH every dollar you put towards this film with my own. (So if we reach the target, I’ll be paying half the film’s budget).

The story of the project

At it’s innermost core, BROKEN is a raw, intimate family drama about finding peace and redemption through the most difficult of circumstances. 

There are so many beautiful people I have met along the way who have shared similar experiences, and who encouraged me to continue with this project. This is for you.

How the funds will be used

This is a component of my PhD, which makes it nearly impossible (believe me I’ve tried!) to source external or Government funds.

On the plus side, I have access to fantastic equipment, and many of my current/former students are donating their time. Also, all of my cast are working for free, though I hope to be able to pay them back should the film make a profit. 

My PhD is actually all about making great art with strict limitations, so I’ll be attempting to make the film with as little funds and resources as possible. I believe “Limits are the key to the Limitless” and the film is inspired by many of the renowned low-budget filmmakers and movements (i.e. French New Wave, Italian Neo-Realism, Dogme95).

$13000 is as low as  we can go in order to get the film across the line.. If this can’t be raised, them the film won’t be made 🙁

Some of my other work

BROKEN is the first feature for writer-director-cinematographer Damian Fasolo. The script is the product of three years of writing and has been supervised by industry consultants Rebecca Ciallella and Greg Woodland. Damian’s most recent short drama, THE ROAD NOT TAKEN, based on Robert Frost’s renowned poem, won the Jury Prize at the Texas International Film Festival and received a Special Mention (second place) at Adelaide’s Clare Valley Film Festival. It also screened in numerous festivals worldwide.

Damian has shot and worked on countless music videos, TVCs, documentaries and televison productions for clients including Seven Perth, ABC, FFC, Invasion Films, Market United, Jebediah, Ribosome, the Dirty Secrets, the Fergusons, McDonalds, the Cancer Foundation and Homestart. His short film work has earned him numerous awards including 4 WASA nominations. Recently Damian has also collaborated on a number of feature stories as a videojournalist for BBC News, London.

Contact Information:

Damian Fasolo
Wayne Davies

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