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Aug 22, 2015 1:02 PM ET

Archived: Impact of Reg A+ Up for Discussion at The Soho Loft Global Real Estate Crowdfunding

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 22, 2015


The Soho Loft Media Group with Victoria Global will conduct the Global Real Estate #crowdfunding Conference on July 23, 2015 in San Francisco, California

July 6, 2015 – SAN FRANCISCO — Top experts and thought leaders in the crowdfunding industry will converge in San Francisco, California for the Global Real Estate Crowdfunding Conference. Investors, entrepreneurs, developers and professionals in the real estate industry will also attend the event. This premier event intersects the real estate sector with financial innovations like Regulation A+, online syndication and crowdfunding. The half day event brings institutional investors and the rapidly growing crowd investors in a single venue. A specific panel is included in the conference – to deliberate on the newly approved Regulation A+ and establish its impacts on the real estate sector.

David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital, The Soho Loft Media Group and Victoria Global says, “Following the approval of Regulation A+, startups can now crowdfund up to 50 million dollars without dealing with compliance issues at state level. For startups and investors in the real estate sector, this certainly creates new possibilities. The fact that these regulations have expanded the investor pool from just accredited investors to non accredited investors made it possible for the general public to invest in projects and is in itself a game changer.” He adds further, “However, launching an offering under Regulation A+ will require more time and will also cost more in legal and accounting fees. We’ll be looking at the opportunities that these rules create and how all these cost and time factors will affect the real estate industry during this conference.”

The featured agenda in this conference is an advanced Master Class for real estate entrepreneurs wishing to raise capital online and real estate investors seeking syndicated deals. Conference attendees can look forward to engaging securities and regulatory experts in discussions about the concise steps and formula in online syndication and financing. The conference will feature three panel discussions, with topics in focus: (1) Crowdfunding Innovations and Compliance, (2) Venture Capital and Angel Investments in Real Estate, and (3) Online real estate technology and Regulation A+. Conference attendees will be treated to a networking after-event cocktail party in addition to short networking in between sessions. Each person who attends the event will get a Program Kit with profiles of conference speakers, investors and sponsors.ConsultDA and FinLaywer as co-moderator. Several experts and leaders in the real estate and crowdfunding industries are invited to speak during the Global Real Estate Crowdfunding Conference, and Markus Lampinen, CEO and Co-founder, Crowd Valley Inc. is on top of the list.

As a master class, each participant will have the chance to present his/her business and get advice on strategies for picking up the right crowdfunding platform as well as how to find investors and appropriate media channels to reach investors and target audience. Specific advice based on the entrepreneur’s needs will also be given during the consultation.

The diamond sponsor for The Global Real Estate Crowdfunding Conference is Victoria Partners. Other sponsors include the First Republic Bank, LDJ Capital, FinLawyer.com, ConsultDA, Global Crowd News, Times Impact Publications, Times Realty News and FundingPost. The media partners for this event are Equities.com and Realty411.

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Watch for more conferences produced or supported by The Soho Loft Media Group that are happening across the country and around the world, the next one may be in your city. To get VIP access to major conferences that intersect finance with key industries and for other exciting perks and benefits, consider the annual membership programs at www.thesoholoft.com/vipmembers.

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THE SOHO LOFT Media Group (www.thesoholoft.com)

The Soho Loft Media Group is a global financial media company with 3 divisions:

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VICTORIA GLOBAL Corporate Communications specializes in client Investor Relations, Public Relations, Branding and Social Media Marketing.

The Soho Loft Media Group is your global partner for your investment and business strategies.

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