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Aug 22, 2015 12:05 PM ET

Archived: eTAP – The Worlds Only Electric Faucet: transformed an electric faucet type into a USB-AC Charging Device flowing electric current than water

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 22, 2015

eTAP – The Worlds Only Electric Faucet


Uniquely designed and fashionably transformed an electric faucet type into a USB-AC Charging Device flowing electric current than water.  Keeping in mind what WATER means to us in our lives, eTap was designed and created that would not just enhance the beauty of your electric socket but most importantly cut down your monthly bills by giving a helping hand simply by twisting the faucet’s head.
The BLUE light on top of the eTap indicates the electricity current flowing as water from the faucet which will remind us to turn the eTAP off before we leave our house or work place. Whereas, the RED light indicates the faucet to be turned off, saving us electricity and lighting more homes. 

Normally, we leave our electric sockets switched on in a hurry to work, not realizing that an electric socket left turned on draws a small amount of power, typically 1-5 Watt which also varies depending upon the appliances. As per a recent survey report, over 90% people in the world leave their charging devices on powered electricity for nearly 7-8 hours a day. eTap eliminates such problems of leaving you in a doubt whether your mobile charger has been left on or off and gives you and your children a peace of mind. So, not only overcharging any device causes more power and bills but it will also shorten the battery life of your phone or tablet which can be prevented by using our new product.With the use of your NEW eTAP charging Faucet, you can charge a variety of devices, such as Smartphones, Game Consoles, iPods, MP3 players etc. Anything that has a USB cable. 

Contact Information:

Saif Taj

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