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Aug 21, 2015 12:51 PM ET

Archived: QUALITY PROBLEMS: a comedy… about Cancer

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 21, 2015



I am making a comedy… about Cancer.
I know it sounds ridiculous but that’s kind of what it boils down to. Let me back up. My name is Brooke Purdy and I wrote a film about a family, much like my own. They have a Mom, Dad, two kids and 1st world problems, QUALITY PROBLEMS.  One of these problems happens to be Breast Cancer.
    This story is based on a true one. Ours. In 2008 I was diagnosed with DCIS in my right breast and had a mastectomy in November and reconstruction on both breasts over the following 9 months. With a 10 month old and a 4 year old, this wasn’t exactly on my “To Do List”.  But, you don’t really bargain with Cancer. What my husband, Doug and I did instead? We laughed, a lot. That’s just in our nature. We will find the obscure, the dark and the hilarious in anything… Even Cancer.
I believe it saved my life. We gathered up our “Village”, circled the wagons and did whatever was necessary to weather that particular storm in our story. Fortunately, our umbrella happened to be humor. It helped. Sometimes it was the only defense we had.
I am happy to report that I am now 7 years “Cancer Free” and 3 years off all medications. We run a successful boot camp and personal training business and I talk to anyone and everyone I can about my experience. Before all of this Cancer Business struck- my husband was an actor and I was a writer.  Being somewhat “on the other side” of the crisis we were wondering how our experience and talents could be put to good use. So, I wrote this film, Quality Problems. It’s pretty autobiographical, with a few liberties here and there but the Cancer and the laughter remain. I want to show how a REGULAR FAMILY can deal with a seemingly devastating blow and come out stronger on the other side. I want to make people pause and consider that it’s okay to lighten up and most importantly, I want to make them see that they are NOT alone in their own struggles and that there IS hope and laughter in all corners of life.


Bailey and Drew Poster are a 40 something couple much like other couples: They have two kids, two jobs, one dad with Alzheimers and one boob with cancer. With only two weeks til daughter Scouts eighth birthday party, Bailey just wants to check things off of her massive “to do” list. This isn’t her first rodeo with Breast Cancer and she’s determined to handle it as efficiently as possible. Even if it means compulsively chewing a lot of ice and getting into a few unwarranted fights.  Laid back Drew wants to completely fix Bailey. He decides the best way to do this is to “work” her well, taking any job that comes his way including building a shelving unit for an eccentric millionaire’s dollies. As Bailey juggles her misplaced anger, wayward Boot Camp clients and her father’s advancing Alzheimer’s, Drew enlists the help of his “road dogs” Lance and Alan to get the cake, favors and entertainment for Scouts party. Yet, when Drew tries to cut a few corners, the seemingly easy birthday party tasks prove to be a bit more challenging than he originally anticipated.  In order to take her mind of her impending surgery, Bailey’s girlfriends take her for a night out to “blow off steam”. Bailey decides that the best way to do this is to punch someone in the throat. The night isn’t what anyone had planned. In the meantime, her father keeps deciding to go on walks in the middle of the night, often, without pants and Drew tries to do what he does best; fix things. But Bailey doesn’t want to be “fixed”- she wants to be WELL. When Bailey’s ten-year-old son, Max opens up that he knows the truth about Santa, the Tooth Fairy and her Cancer, Bailey finally realizes she cannot control everything. Their friends and family rally around them and Drew stoically stands by her as Bailey survives another surgery. In the end, he gets to fix everything by putting out fires right and left at the birthday party to end all birthday parties.


We are still figuring this out. Festivals, streaming, distrubution. TUGG, Vimeo, On Demand, Private distribution… (Will know more after watching her entire video)

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Quality Problems

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