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Aug 21, 2015 5:11 PM ET

Archived: Central Latino: part nail salon, part hair salon and barbershop that has become a Brooklyn staple

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 21, 2015
Personal Story

Hello Kiva Members my name is Alejandro Perez, and I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. I moved to the United States at the age of 27 all while, expecting a new born daughter to be a welcome new addition to my family. For the first two years living here in Brooklyn, New York I worked in a grocery store day in and day out to provide for my family. I then realized I needed something better, I’ve always enjoyed cutting hair and always wanted to become a barber but never actually took actions to conquer those dreams. My wife is a female hair stylist and a nail specialist and she pushed me and motivated me to take action with my barber dreams. Its been about 10 years since I came into the hair salon industry and I’m grateful to say six of those ten have been within my own business. It hasn’t been easy but its been worth it and I enjoy doing my job everyday.

Business Description

Central Latino salon is part nail salon, part hair salon and barbershop. I have owned my salon for almost 6 years now but the prior owner owned it for 3 years. With the previous owner, Central Latino salon just provided salon and barbershop services. Within the first 2 years of being an owner, I was able to also add nail services to the the list of treatments we offer.

This loan will help me grow my business because technology in the hair salon industry has improved, making new equipment more reliable. This will directly result in my customers having a more satisfied experience with the services being provided. Resulting in a continual cycle of stable clients. Better services, along with positive feedback from our clients will help us spread the word of Central Latino salon throughout my community.

What is the purpose of this loan?

I will be using this loan to purchase new equipment, and renovate my store.
– $1,800 chairs
– $1,200 fixing the floor
– $150 fix closing gate
– $100 Paint
– $600 on camera system
– $400 update front banner
– $250 waiting room renovations
– $500 Actual equipment such as towel warmers and new uniforms

*** Perks for Lenders: ***
Thanks for supporting my loan! I’d like to offer all my lenders a PERK for supporting me. Everyone who loans will receive a 10% off discount for our products when we are fully funded. Please see the Conversations tab for more details.

Contact Information:


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