Virginia Tech MSA Library: Help Virginia Tech's MSA build a community library to spread Islamic knowledge for Muslims and non-Muslims alike! - iCrowdNewswire

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Aug 20, 2015 1:13 PM ET

Virginia Tech MSA Library: Help Virginia Tech’s MSA build a community library to spread Islamic knowledge for Muslims and non-Muslims alike!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 20, 2015

Virginia Tech MSA Library

Asalaamu alaykum!

The MSA at Virginia Tech would like to create an environment where learning about Islam is as easy as checking out a book. And inshaAllah with your help we can make it happen. 

What is VT MSA? 

Many of you are probably thinking “Oh man, big beards, Sheikhs, old Arabs, only Islamic lectures, and you have to be super-Muslim to be in it” Well think again! Sure you can find all of those things, but did you know that MSA also has a large number of social events, outings, trips and events? We are also one of the most ethnically diverse groups on campus, and everyone is welcome, both Muslim and non-Muslim. At the Virginia Tech MSA, you will find sports, brotherhood, sisterhood, educational lectures, socials, discussions, sports of every kind, cultural events, and of course, great Muslims! Now, are next mission is to create a library where anyone can go to learn more about Islam!  

Our Goal!

We hope to raise enough money to purchase 150 well recommended books from the top scholars. These books will vary from teaching the readers about the basics of Islam to making the most advance learners think and benefit from what they are reading. Our goal is to have this library set up in a central place where both Muslims and non-Muslims are familiar with it and have easy access to benefit from it. 

Advocate for Knowledge!

It is important to cultivate ones mind through reading and college is the ideal place to do that. Having these books will help deepen our understanding and form a strong identity as Muslims who are able to understand our universal deen in our current context. This library will elevate the Ilm seeking nature of our culture and provide a platform for book clubs and the like inshaAllah. 

Donate today to help us gather enough funds to buy easy to read books, recommended by top scholars, regarding Islam.


Contact Information:

Rayan Salih

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