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Aug 20, 2015 6:16 PM ET

Archived: Neasden Connect: a collaboration of Neasden retailers, a local business support agency & Brent Council

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 20, 2015

Neasden Connect


Neasden Shopping Parade is an old-established part of Brent retail heritage that has experienced significant change resulting in decreased footfall and customer spending. The area has been identified by Brent Council as a priority town centre due to its location, catchment size and trading activity. We feel strongly that the Parade can serve the community better. To reverse decline and give it a ‘feel good to shop’ factor, we have drawn up a list of ‘quick hits’. We will increase awareness of the Shopping Parade by erecting digital signage, drawing more shoppers to engage with local businesses. We will establish a public services marketplace as a ‘pop-up’ initiative, install a ‘click & collect’ facility, develop an app that will create customer loyalty and engagement, provide retailers with business development support and make environmental improvements to the car park area. All these actions will draw in more residents and visitors resulting in increased spend with local businesses.

What we’ll do:

  • – Put up two “Neasden Shopping Parade” signs
  • – Establish a pop-up marketplace for public services
  • – Introduce 1 Click & Collect facility
  • – Develop the Neasden Connect app which will increase footfall and establish customer loyalty
  • – Deliver training for retailers in use of the app, marketing & customer service
  • – Make environmental improvements to the car park area.
  • – Provide 1:1 consultancy support
  • – Support the on-going consultation phase currently being undertaken

Why it’s a great idea:

We believe that a different and innovative solution is required to increase footfall into a secondary shopping area. It’s a good idea because the project has something for everyone:
a) Retailers benefit from increased footfall and higher revenue
b) Retailers begin to actively engage in the regeneration process
c) Residents benefit from keener prices, better availability and more choice
d) Women, men and children benefit from a less-threatening environment, better parking management & an interactive shopping experience.
e) The environment benefits from reduced traveling to out-of-town shopping centres, cleaner streets & more eco-awareness
f) Everyone benefits from the reduction in anti-social behaviour and loitering in the shopping centre area
g) Visitors benefit from a better shopping experience, more product choice & big Neasden welcome!
h) The local authority will gain a thriving secondary shopping area in the Borough
ABi Associates CIC will manage & deliver this Project.

How we’ll get it done:

  • We will develop high quality, signs working with an experienced local design agency
  • We will develop and promote an app that improves the engagement
  • We will run the pop up marketplace for public services such as fostering, education, community health
  • We will support formation of the Neasden Traders group and plans for its sustainability once funding has finished
  • We will continue the dialogue with local businesses and residents to keep improving Neasden
  • We will target environmental improvement at the run-down car parking area
  • Run clean up days with support from Neasden businesses, councillors, residents, schools and Veolia
  • We will enhance the Neasden regeneration process being undertaken by Brent Council’s appointed consultants

ABi Associates CIC has twenty years of experience of developing and supporting retail businesses. We believe our Project will contribute to the long term sustainability of the Neasden Shopping Parade. It will feed into the regeneration strategy being developed by Brent Council including a consultation taking place with town centre users & businesses that will help provide a better understanding of trading performance, challenges and opportunities pertaining to the Parade. This will identify priorities for future improvement and regeneration.
There are many amazing assets in Neasden, the most remarkable are the entrepreneurs and people & groups that make this place what it is –a unique, vibrant & diverse area; we are looking forward to continuing our work with them & with the Council to increase the prosperity of Neasden Shopping Parade. We aim to foster a ‘feel good to shop’ factor for Neasden.
ABi has a fantastic track record in delivering projects such as Neasden Connect.

Contact Information:

ABi Associates CIC

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